Two More Doors Closed, One Window Cracked Open


The possibility of us moving there went from 95% last July down to 53% end of January and now it’s a firm 0.3%. At least according to my (very scientific) calculations. Both the grant that Dr Lady’s potential PI applied for and the fellowship Dr Lady applied for fell through last week. We had highest hopes for the PI’s grant, because, you know, at least he’s proven at getting funding (a pretty important thing in the world of Science Research).

It just looks like the Funding Gods have decided other types of projects are a priority. Which is normal. Fine. But disappointing.

There’s still a chance, albeit a very small one. There is one last grant to apply for, this one coming up in April. But we won’t find out until July. And I doubt the Funding Gods will have magically changed their minds about their priorities by then.

Honestly… I’m okay with this. We have a backup that’s almost 100% guaranteed (except… where have we heard that before??), even if it’s not as exciting and adventurous as going overseas. Things kind of shifted when we found out we were pregnant, and exciting and adventurous just isn’t as important as safe and near(er) family. I had a bit of time to transition to the idea of not-France, and now that I have, I am firmly for not-France. Fall is going to be adventure enough without throwing in navigating and trying to live in a foreign country.

Which is not to say that if it does still happen, I won’t be 100% gung-ho about it and figure out exactly how to make it work. I just currently recognize that moving to a foreign country as two people would be difficult enough, let alone with two and a newborn.

What’s our backup? Michigan. Haha, I know, right? All the way from Arizona to Michigan. A Florida girl moving to the cold, bitter, dark north and away from her offline friends just in time to have a major life change. But hey – at least they speak English. Probably.

So that’s where we’re at right now. We still won’t know for certain for a few more months, but hopefully (hopefully!)  we’ll be moved before September, so I’ll have enough time to nest and find a new doctor etc etc before Lady Jr makes their debut.

Any reassurances about the great frigid north would be most welcome. We lived in Seattle for two years, but that’s mild compared to the midwest. I’ve been doing my research, but it’s still difficult to think of it as anything other than a vast frozen tundra. Of course, before we moved here, I thought Arizona was a vast, horrifically hot, wasteland. It turned out to be quite pleasant – except for four months out of the year when the air literally boils. But, you know, there are ways to cope. I assume it’ll be the same in Michigan.



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8 responses to “Two More Doors Closed, One Window Cracked Open

  1. I’m from Michigan, I love it. Some of the most beautiful places ever, the awesomeness of summer and fall totally make up for winter. But I like snow, there’s something about the sparkly white stillness that makes me happy. The politics and economy are shit here right now, but whatever. Actually the horrible economy might work to your advantage, I’m sure housing is cheap. Where at in Michigan?

    • Ohmygoodness, the houses are so cheap. If we were going to be there more than 2 short years, I would totally buy. But alas, not quite worth the hassle.
      The economy is worrisome, but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to continue working – remotely – with my current company, so that would be okay. As long as Dr Lady has a steady income, we’ll make it work.
      It would be nice to look forward to summer again instead of dreading it. I say I like snow, but I’ve only really experienced it in short stints, so it’s hard to say. 🙂

  2. Michigan! Wow. Big change from the desert! I got nothin’ helpful, but major positive thoughts for you.

  3. AmyApplesnail

    My Province of Ontario is right next to Michigan. We get dark and cold winters, but beautiful, sunny, scenic summers. There is something really magical about dramatic changes between seasons. The cold, dark of winter means that holiday lights and hot cocoa are even more magical and cozy, and the spring and summer are SO rejuvenating. If you end up in Michigan, you might find that you like how the climate constantly changes, keepin’ it fresh.

    • I’m soooo excited that Canada is right there. I’ve never had a chance to visit and I really want to. 🙂
      I do like super cozy winter days with bright lights and hot cocoa… I definitely miss that here. I hope it’s enough to make up for the fact that it’s so dark for so long.

      • If I start to really feel the winter blues, I’ll make an effort to do outside stuff like cross country skiing or hikes, and I’ll go to the tanner once a week. Just remember, there’s no bad weather, there’s only bad gear 🙂

  4. Fat Girl Dancing

    It IS beautiful, and there’s likes and woods….
    I can’t sell you on the winter, because you know my feelings there. But of course I’d love to have you both just a state away (selfish, sorry)!

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