Week 12: Not So Bad

Player One
Player Two
Level 29 Human Bard/Fighter
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 164 +3
Shoe Size: 10
Bra Size: 34A 36B

Str: 18
Dex: 12
Con: 19 17
Int: 12
Wis: 14
Cha: 18

Highest skills: Bluff, Gather Rumors, Knowledge (Folklore) (History), Athletics
Feats: Natural Immunity, Iron WillRun, Nap
Diseases/Curses: Sore breasts, Evening Sickness (-1 Con), Minor Fatigue (-1 Con)

Level 30 Human Warlock/Ranger
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Redacted
Shoe Size: 11
Bra Size: 36B

Str: 17
Dex: 12
Con: 12 11
Int: 20
Wis: 16
Cha: 16

Highest skills: Heal, Knowledge (Science) (Arcana), Spot, Listen, Swim
Feats: Alertness, Diligent, Spell Focus
Diseases/Curses: Anxiety, Too Much To Do, Minor Couvade Syndrome (-1 Con)

Player Three

Level 0 Human NPC
Height: 2.3″
Weight: 14g

Str: 2
Dex: 2
Con: 10
Int: 1
Wis: 1
Cha: 14

Highest skills: Grow, Swim, Hide
Feats: Self-Sufficient, Stealthy, Heartbeat, Growth
Diseases/Curses: None

Apparently Lady Jr is sucking in their intestines from the umbilical cord, which is just… weird. Not to judge, but wtf evolution?

Lady Jr is still doubling in weight. In one week, they went from a cute little hummingbird to a chubby dwarf hamster:



Oofta. Week 11 was a mixed bag. Things were better overall, but I also had to go home early for the first time because I was feeling so wretched. Still, my energy levels are up, my nausea is down, and – while I still don’t really like the idea of meat – I can at least eat it in small quantities again. Yay protein!

We made our first official baby purchase last week: an ergobaby carrier that was super on sale. I just couldn’t pass it up. So far, the only two things I know I want 100% new and good quality are a carrier and a car seat, so we got one of those down. I’m still researching car seats, tho, and we’ll probably end up acquiring that after we move.

My diet is slowly improving. I got to the end of the week and couldn’t stand the idea of bread any more, so yay. This week, my aim is to start cutting back on refined carbs, specifically bready things, and increase my fat instead. To that end, we made paleo lasagna this weekend and sweet potato hash and coconut fudge. My cravings – no need – for cinnamon rolls and baguettes has calmed down to a level where I can finally redirect them without obsessing the rest of the day, so I’m going to practice doing that.

Hopefully that will help clear up some of this bloat. Oddly enough, I haven’t gained any weight for two weeks, yet my progress photo for week 11 is def more puffy than week 9.






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5 responses to “Week 12: Not So Bad

  1. AndiePants

    It’s a weird thing, to get bigger without gaining weight. I didn’t gain any actual pounds until late in the second trimester, but my pants didn’t fit. It was a surreal experience.

  2. We bought an ergo carrier from Zulily after you mentioned they were on sale! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Fat Girl Dancing

    So beautiful, Momma!

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