Announcement Photo Session

Of course one of the most fun bits about the first trimester – aside from the nausea and bloating – is mulling over just how you’re going to tell the broader world if WHEN you get to that point.

I spent innumerable hours on pinterest at the very beginning, looking up a) whether or not I could continue lifting (answer: yes, very) and b) what other people had done for announcements and when. There were a ton of ideas, some ridiculous, some crazy, some adorable. Few us. Except one, with two people out on a trail, holding a little backpack between them. And I thought yes that. And we went and found tiny hiking shoes. And then we waited.

And then Saturday we climbed the mountains (with a car) and scrambled over rocks (with our feet) until we found the right place, with the right light, and the right view.


And I took a bunch of photos, trying to get across a very specific feeling.


Okay, but not quite there.


Cute, but again – not quite there.


Aaand… yes.

I think that’s it.

Now I get to sit on this photo for another two weeks before we finally announce to the rest of our families and the broader <aka Facebook) world. Gaah.



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12 responses to “Announcement Photo Session

  1. That’s adorable and beautifully executed.

  2. AndiePants

    So gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE this! Absolutely adorable!

  4. oc15

    love the last photo. looking forward and headed and out on your newest adventure xox

  5. I like it! We went a similar route with a camping theme. I keep meaning to write that post, but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe later today!!

  6. AmyApplesnail

    Omg I love it!! Looks like the result of a professional photoshoot!

  7. Fat Girl Dancing

    Ohh, I miss you guys!! These pictures made me teary

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