Ultrasound Two, Just a few Days Late

My OB appointment was Monday and I already blogged about it, but it took me all week to take a picture of the ultrasound and actually put it on my computer. I am just so wiped in the evenings, it’s not even funny.

So here you go. Better late than never?

Quoting the OB, “there’s a baby in there!” Lady Jr is actually humanoid in shape (kinda [shh]). I was surprised by how much it’d grown already. As usual, Lady Jr was a lot clearer when the image was moving around, gave more of a sense of dimension I guess.

Starting to worry a little again. It might be related to actually telling people outside of our friend circle soon. Also my fuck-food feelings are slightly better than normal. But I try to breathe and remind myself that I’ll feel gross again tomorrow and I’m still 900% exhausted and I’m not special.

And now for something completely different! Maternity bras! What are your thoughts, recs? Where did you find yours?

I thought I could stave off this question for another month or two, but already the new, bigger bra I acquired two weeks ago is starting to become not-so-big. I can wear my wife’s bras now, but I don’t think she wants me to do that. 😛

My main concerns are: a) cost and, b) comfort. Special bras are always way expensive, but probably cheaper in the long run than buying second-hand or 10 buck cheap-o bras every few weeks. It would be nice to have something that adjusts a lot. But then the internet says maybe I should get a nursing bra instead. And then the internet also says that nursing bras are useless. IDK, man.

What’s your experience?



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12 responses to “Ultrasound Two, Just a few Days Late

  1. My bra advice: if you can get away with buying cheap bras, do that. You don’t know what bra size you’ll be wearing in a month, it’s not predictable whether you band size will change, or your cup size will change, or both. Your breasts (and ribcage) may change shape several times during your pregnancy, or they may not. If you’re comfortable without underwires, definitely get only bras without (I wasn’t comfortable without underwires during pregnancy, but they’re a really bad idea in the first year or so of nursing because they can cause mastitis, so I got used to soft bras).

    I bought and wore nursing bras while I was pregnant, but then after my daughter was born I had to make an emergency bra-shopping trip (in slushy weather with a three-day-old infant) because the bras I’d been wearing while pregnant suddenly were too small. My point is, you really can’t predict your future size, and I’m sorry you’re going to have to go bra shopping while exhausted.

    Oh! I just remembered…
    Nursing tank tops are great if you find a brand that you like. I wore these a lot: http://bravadodesigns.com/products/essential-nursing-tank?variant=1160736821
    And because they’re non-specific sizes, you can probably buy these ahead and wear them comfortably when you have a newborn. I wish someone had convinced me of this when I was pregnant.

    • I second everything that Martha said, including the bravado tanks. I live in them! Bravado also has bras that I find very comfy – I’d stick with the ones with some stretch in them so the cups can more easily adapt to your fluctuating breast size.

  2. i went for a nursing bra – after reading the same thing and also not wanting to continue to buy bra after bra. anyway, i’m SO glad i did. i started out with just a $20-25 one from target, just in case it wasn’t real supportive or something. it has quickly become my most favorite bra ever. i’m a DD not pregnant, just to give you an idea what i’m dealing with and the kind of support i need. anyway, this nursing bra has no underwire – i was scared of that but BEST THING EVER it’s soooo comfortable, completely supportive, and has held up amazingly well for being $20 and basically the only bra i’ll agree to wear for the last 2 mths or so.

  3. AmyApplesnail

    Totally human shaped! That’s a really clear ultrasound pic!

  4. Hey! That’s a baby! How exciting.

    I don’t have any first-hand pregnancy-bra-needing experience, but I will say this: As someone with ridiculously large boobs (Dear God, please don’t let them grow any during this pregnancy) who has to buy special bras … buy cheap-o bras if you can get away with it! You may as well buy 3 or 4 $10 bras and toss them as you need new sizes – much better than dropping $100 for a bra that may or may not fit you in a few months.

    • That’s fair. It sounds like it’s def better to buy cheap-o bras until I have a good idea of when these growth spurts are going to stop. I just can’t imagine them getting much bigger, but I am probably wrong.

  5. Benni

    http://www.bratabase.com – Reviews, sizing help, bra swaps, free bras… They have everything!


  6. Vanessa Fawley

    Longtime lurker here (I hope you don’t mind!). I have always just used sports bras whenever possible during pregnancy and nursing. They feel so much better and the tanks with the built-in bras are great for nursing in public, if you choose. That doesn’t work for everyone, just my .02 cents!

  7. I’m also a fan of cheap bras during pregnancy. For me, it was definitely more important to be comfortable than anything else. I bought a few packs of Hanes sports bras in assorted colors from Target or Walmart, and even found some with a spaghetti strap instead of a racerback. Towards the end of my pregnancy I picked up some nursing bras.

  8. I also recommend the Target nursing bras…not too much of an investment if you end up growing out of them quickly. I also found that about 18 months into nursing, my bra size dropped a cup, so those transitional bras I had bought during pregnancy came in handy as I started returning to my pre-pregnancy bra size.

  9. I made a lot of use of the Ross bra rack during pregnancy since I felt like I changed size every other week and didn’t want to shell out for a bunch of nice new decent bras all the time. Someone (very possibly one of the Motherhood Maternity Mercenaries) said I *needed* to wear non-underwires, but I ended up a 36DDD while nursing and fuck. that. Also, I didn’t do the nursing bra thing. My kid hated being tucked up under my shirt and wouldn’t deal with a cover, so I would just pull a boob out from the top, pop kidlet on there, and give the mean face to anyone who looked like they might object.

    Seconding keeping the transitional bras, though. I never did go fully back down to my original size and she’s been weaned over a year now, but having a range of sizes along the way to wear while they went back down was awesome.

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