Week 7 Ultrasound

I don’t know what happened to my anxiety and nerves, but it seems that when the nausea switch was flipped on, the worrying switch was flipped off. Which is great, just confusing.

So I worried about what we would see at this ultrasound up until the end of last week, and then I just… stopped. And thankfully, we had nothing to worry about.

Everything is exactly as it should be – Lady Jr is measuring correctly, has a good-sized yolk sac, and has a strong heartbeat at 147bpm. Lady Jr looks like a seahorse with their tail all curled up. I was really surprised at how much detail we could see this early – I was expecting little more than a smudge. But you can really see the shape of it.

I have printouts, but nothing digital, and the last thing I want to do is pull out ultrasound photos at work and try to scan them. Yeah no. So I’ll update this post when I get home.

It was kind of a surreal moment when the dildocam finally caught up with the fetus. It was a blob surrounded by empty space, then it was a seahorse-shaped blob, and then there was its heartbeat, fluttering away. I teared up and Lady Sr teared up and then the RE was all like, how about listening to the heartbeat??

And so we spent a moment listening to what sounded like an underwater train chugging along and Lady Sr fumbled with her phone to get a recording and I kept thinking miscarriage rates drop significantly if a heartbeat is detected and this is happening.

It’s aliiiiiiiive and I’m just – not quite done holding my breath, but I think it’ll be a little easier from here on forward.

Edited to add: Photo! Lookit that wee seahorse!




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17 responses to “Week 7 Ultrasound

  1. Soooooo happy for you both! You three!!!

  2. AndiePants

    Oh, that beautiful sound just never gets old! Hooray! So glad you can check this milestone off!

  3. AmyApplesnail

    Yay! So happy for you!

  4. So glad to hear it went well!!

  5. oc15

    this is the fantastic news i’ve been waiting to hear. congrats ladies. take care of that little seahorse xo

  6. ❤️ that photo!!! Excited for you guys!!!!!

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