Week 6 Food

I think I unlocked morning sickness these past few days, although it’s more like evening sickness. Thursday after Crossfit (prowler pushes!) I felt incredibly gross and like something was caught in my throat, trying to come out, but not nauseated. Friday afternoon I got to a point where I knew I needed to eat lunch, but I just felt so gross, and nothing was appealing. I finally forced myself to eat, which made the gross abate somewhat, only to return when I left work.

Then last night, I made taco salads for dinner (despite feeling gross again and not wanting anything) and everything about the salad was unappealing, except the refried beans and cheese. To the point where I almost-not-quite gagged with each non-refried beans-covered bite. The gross didn’t go away and when I went to bed, I actually lay there for a while wondering if I was going to throw up.

But it’s not nausea! It’s super weird. At least, not any nausea I’ve ever had before. If this really is morning evening sickness, then it will happen again this afternoon. I’m kind of curious to see if this keeps up.

Food for week 6:

Breakfasts: Greens with grated sweet potato and either eggs or meatballs; yogurt with cinnamon granola and blackberries; strawberries and toast; bananas; a cinnamon roll

Lunch: Salad with guac and steak; melted cheese and tuna sandwich; ham and cheese sandwich; crackers with ham and cheese and butter

Dinners: Salmon and roasted asparagus; homemade burgers with cabbage salad; pork vermicelli; banana split sundae; taco salad

Snacks: Carrots, yogurt and granola, dolmas, apples, oranges, bananas, jerky, KIND bars, and chocolate

Water, water with an electrolyte tab, half-caff coffee, decaf green tea, kombucha, and water with lemon juice

Supplements: Vitamin D, fish oil, folate, prenatals, magnesium

I’m trying to drink more water in a hopeful attempt to stave off low blood pressure and that swarming darkness that comes whenever I stand up. Unfortunately, water has suddenly become so boring I don’t want it, so I’ve started adding lemon juice and using electrolyte tabs. Side effect of the electrolyte tabs seems to be better sleep, so at least there’s that. My theory is that my body is working over time trying to create extra blood, so anything that goes into that recipe makes things better.

Huh. Which reminds me. I dreamed about making a chocolate blood cake last night. Three cups flour, half a cup of cocoa powder, three cups blood. I think it’s a sign. A sign that I need chocolate cake. 😉

And lastly, I think I’m having food aversions. A container of brussel sprouts made me recoil physically and feel sick, and some guac on a salad made the bile rise in my throat with each taste. It’s not what I expected, but I don’t know what else it could be. What did food aversions feel like to you?



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11 responses to “Week 6 Food

  1. My food aversions would come and go. I found the smell of cooking ground beef the most offensive (which made my husband so sad, because I put an end to taco night for months). Eventually it got better, but I still found the taco seasoning revolting, which was weird. The main thing for me was I’d get fixated on one or two things and that was the only thing I’d want for a few weeks. The first 15 weeks, I mostly survived on super bland foods — ice water with lemon, rice Chex, and soft pretzels were all I could stomach.

  2. Sounds about right to me! Water was a huge struggle for me until about 15 weeks.

  3. Vanessa

    Longtime reader who never comments-I had aversions to coffee and beef during my first pregnancy. I had cut out coffee for my first trimester anyway but the thought and smell of it were horrific and I couldn’t even think of steak. I love steak, so it was really strange. I also developed aversions to Subway (not that I really wanted it before) and Chinese food respectively during each of my pregnancies. Oddly, both of my daughters immediately expressed dislike for these things and have refused to try them. They do like steak though.

  4. AndiePants

    Food aversions were mostly smell based for me, but the morning sickness description sounds spot on. Sour candy helped me deal with it.

  5. Aversions came quick with me. I was craving deviled eggs, made a big batch and the next morning the site of them in the fridge made me want to gag. Water too. I had to drink watered down lemonade for weeks. I was eating a lot of bland things like mashed potatoes, crackers or toast.

  6. I totally know what you mean but nauseous but not nauseous. It’d the weirdest thing. I literally ate refried beans in soft wraps for weeks, couldn’t stomach anything sweet or diary. I found magnesium and calcium pills to really help though, I had to get the chewable kind cause swallowing pills made me gag (something totally new for me). I found water boring then one day and till this day I have an unwavering thirst, I can drink 20 cups of water and still feel thirsty. Its very odd. Feel better, they say morning /evening sickness is signs of good things though, and for me it was a nice reminder of the little one growing in there 🙂

  7. My aversions were more in my head than visceral: I really took to heart the handout they gave me at the OB’s office that says don’t eat raw veg, don’t eat cold cuts, don’t eat this fish or that cheese. So I avoided salad bars like the plague, and sought out cooked-to-order options, and carried cheese crackers everywhere. The only thing I’d call a true aversion was that sugar tasted really bad to me — I mean, anything sweet. It was during my first trimester that I discovered my lactose-intolerance, which was really unfortunate because I was traveling and sometimes the only options for snack were a glass of milk or a pastry (see above about sugar being yucky). The lactose intolerance, unfortunately, has persisted (my daughter’s three years old), but I’ve since discovered Lactaid pills.

  8. AmyApplesnail

    Food aversions for me were/are either a smell that hits me suddenly and makes me feel like I’m gonna barf (cooking onions), or it is a simple distaste for foods I once enjoyed. I open the fridge and see all the vegetables and turn up my nose at them, having suddenly lost my urge to snack. Quite a range of sensations.
    And I also felt the same about the “nausea”. It felt different for me, too. And both times I barfed, I wasn’t really given a nausea warning – suddenly there was a lump in my throat and I had to barf.

  9. I have had an aversion to tea the entire 18 weeks. It’s absurd, because I normally drink 4-5 cups a day. It doesn’t make me nauseated, but it almost gives me a faint headache like I get when I’m carsick or riding an amusement park ride backwards.

  10. Gina

    I was incredibly nauseous with my third pregnancy, and I had the sniffer of a bloodhound. I hadn’t experienced this with my first two, and had difficulty preparing foods. It was so bad I couldn’t even enter a grocery store for the first 10wks. My husband took over all food shopping. I never threw up, but often wished I would just to see if it would take away the oily, heavy, rolling nausea. Thankfully this abated around 12wks.

    Congratulations, btw ❤

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