Week 5 Food

I debated putting my food log up here, but then I figured one never knew what someone else might find helpful. So here’s what I had last week, all generalized and unportioned because what I’m looking for is to make sure I’m getting a good variety and not leaning too heavily on one food group or another.

Breakfasts: Egg-bake with ground beef and roast kale, sauteed kale and eggs and roast carrots and goat cheese

Lunch: Quinoa with artichoke hearts, onion, roast broccoli, roast garlic, parmesan, olive oil, and chicken breast

Dinners: Burgers, gf pizza, taquitos, quinoa with chard and olives and feta and chicken breast, salmon with cucumber and cream cheese and nori

Snacks: Brazil nuts, grassfed yogurt, plantain chips, seed chips, chocolate, an ice cream bar, taro bubble tea, bananas, avocado, jerky, olives, cheese, pastrami

Water, coffee, half-caff coffee, decaf green tea, regular green tea, white ginger peach tea, kombucha, and chicken broth with gelatin

Interesting notes about this week: I noticed I wasn’t really wanting meat as much, and that really showed up in what I ate. Definitely leaning on carbs this week more than usual.

Mostly I’m just getting hungry every 2 hours instead of my usual 4, which has led to poor planning and less-than-stellar food choices a few times when I was out without a proper snack (see: the ice cream bar). I get lightheaded before I feel hungry, so I’m going to work on smaller, but more frequent, meals next week – just like the internet was recommending.

The funniest incident illustrating the above happened yesterday. I signed up for a brief, 3 hour improv workshop. Before I left, I’d had three breakfasts and couldn’t even think about food. One and a half hours in, we had a short break, and the instructor had barely finished her sentence before I was inhaling a banana. Same thing happened at the end of the workshop, except this time it was a granola bar I tried to talk around as I was scooting out the door. It was kind of ridiculous.

Better than nausea? Just seems a little early to be this ravenous.



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4 responses to “Week 5 Food

  1. Beats the hell out of nausea! Definitely a blessing! For 3 months I couldn’t consume anything but Tazo passion iced tea and French fries.

    • I keep waffling between being really happy not to nauseated and really worried! I wish I’d never read that study correlating morning sickness to a reduced chance of miscarriage. x.x

      • I was miserable with nausea and I still lost half of my pregnancy. It’s all so hit or miss. You’ll be okay! The hunger is a sign that your body is doing what it’s supposed to!

  2. oc15

    so glad you’re not nauseous! ! that’s an absolute living hell. my friend never had morning sickness and ate two breakfasts and two dinners her whole pregnancy haha enjoy!

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