Waiting (Waiting [Waiting])

We are exactly one month out from the day we learn whether or not we’re moving to France.

I am six days away from learning whether or not we can try this cycle.

I am two rejections away from getting told to revise my story.

I am waiting on so much and in control of so little.

So I’m trying to control what I can. For me, that’s writing every day. Reading every day. Lifting and running and caring for my body. Trying desperately not to think about where we’ll be next month (next month [next month]).

All I can do is focus on today, on now. Today, the sun is shining. Today, I have a job to do. Today, I have 500 words to write. Today, I have weights to pick up and put down. Today, I have a friend to visit. My mantra is today, today, today. What can I do today?

Because frankly, a month from now we may still not know where/when we’re moving. A week from now, I still won’t know whether or not this is our last IUI. And when/if those rejections come in, all they will mean is not yet.

I’m so bad at waiting for it. But I guess I’m learning to get better at what I’m bad at.



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3 responses to “Waiting (Waiting [Waiting])

  1. It’s so hard to wait. Especially when you’re waiting on SO MUCH.

  2. Fat Girl Dancing

    Oh what a beautiful cover!
    That is a lot of unknowns 😦 I’m sorry :(/

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