IUI Alpha DPO17

Still waiting for the blood prophecy.

Tried another cheapo wondfo HPT. Still negative. It wouldn’t make any difference to use a store brand HPT, right?

I know I’m not preg, though, I just need to start to be 100% certain.

How long should I wait before calling my RE? I’m thinking Friday, just to be sure. My resolution was to trust my intuition about my body, but there’s really no rush. Just frustration.



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5 responses to “IUI Alpha DPO17

  1. My RE always wanted a blood draw at 14 dpo, so I think you could call if you want. At least you would know for sure! Plus I think they like to check progesterone levels to confirm ovulation or something.

  2. I would call any time. In fact, I probably would have called 15 dpo. I’m pretty sure they can jump-start your next cycle if they need to.

  3. If you call, they’re probably going to give you two options. 1) Come in for a blood HCG test and then give you a few days of progesterone to get your cycle going, or 2) Wait it out.

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