IUI Alpha, DPO 9: The Waiting Game


Because of new job and not knowing whether or not we would even be in the country for Christmas back when the planning was being done, we ended up home on our own this year. Which was fine – more than fine. Needed, even.

With a four day weekend looming in the middle of our 2WW, I knew we’d need to get out of town, though. I wanted snow and I wanted hiking and I wanted hot cocoa and a fireplace, so I found us a hotel in Flagstaff with a fireplace and left work early on Wednesday and we drove and drove.

So for Christmas Eve, we had snow. And it finally felt like Christmas. Without extended family or presents or a big tree, snow was the only thing left. We went for a hike and it was wonderfully cold and quiet. It started snowing on us towards the end, but they were these tiny little pellets of ice really. We went back to town and had hot cocoa and sat in front of a fire and then I finally succumbed to the migraine that had been growing all day.

(If you squint, you can see sideways snow!)

We drove back Christmas morning. For a while, it was slow going because it was snowing sideways and only one lane was really clear, but oh, it was gorgeous.

It was a bit of a last minute decision, but I’m glad we did it. In fact, it helped to underscore something that I’ve very thoroughly learned this past year: last minute is fine. Rash, quick decisions are fine.

I am tired of waiting, and for every important decision I made this year I waited way too long. My intuition was correct each time, and had I acted sooner, we might be in a better place now. Certainly, we’re better off than we would have been if I hadn’t made the decisions at all, but time and time again I have waited and over-analyzed a situation before acting when I could have acted much sooner.

Of course, I say that as we’re in the middle of waiting for this 2WW to end. Nothing I can do about that. I’d test sooner, but I only have three HPTs left – exactly one for each IUI we can do. So I’ll practice patience here, but everywhere else – you better watch out.



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5 responses to “IUI Alpha, DPO 9: The Waiting Game

  1. Snow! I’m jealous of your white Christmas. You would think it would be a given here in the Midwest, but not this year.
    I’m an over thinker and a staller too, being spontaneous is uncomfortable for me, but it always is fun when I go with it!

  2. I’m often jealous of people who get a quiet, low-key Christmas. I know it comes with missing loved ones, but it just seems so pleasant. Glad you got snow!!

    • Hah! That’s fair. I like a balance – quiet one year, crazy the next. I also live far, far away from most of my family, so Christmas is the only time I see some of them for years.

  3. Those pictures look so perfect. I could sure use a bit of that tranquility after our crazy holidays. I hope the next few days fly by for you! Fingers crossed!

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