IUI Alpha, DPO 3: Distractions

Holy fuck how is it only DPO 3.

You’d think I’d never survived a 2WW before. Well, I’m probably just out of practice. The last few I knew were long shots, so I didn’t get my hopes up. This time, I’m weirdly optimistic. My temp went up. I’m on drugs for the PCOS now. There were two eggs. At this point, I’m actually feeling very confident. And then I think about how much longer we have to wait…

Anyway, to stay distracted I’ve been working on a new tumblr: Speck Runs. It’s running/lifting/mental health oriented and I thought a few of you guys might be interested. It’s hard to find anything that is fitness inspiration without a metric ton of body shaming, so I decided to curate my own.

So far it’s been a fun distraction, but I can’t be on tumblr all the time. I’ve also been planning a short little trip up north where we can play in the snow and just generally be out of town and contact for a day or two. I’ve been looking at places to go for food and what kind of clothes I should bring, but it’s still not enough to keep the incessant wondering from the back of my mind.

That’s the one truth I’ve learned about the two week wait: being busy helps, but nothing can stop that constant questioning.

Just 11 (12 [13]) more days…



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2 responses to “IUI Alpha, DPO 3: Distractions

  1. AmyApplesnail

    Good luck keeping your mind occupied! Fingers are crossed for you!

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