IUI Alpha, CD12: And Thus Begins the Two Weeks

I don’t have confirmed ovulation yet, so I’m hesitant to really get the party started, but I triggered yesterday and we did the IUI this morning sooo…

Do you guys usually start the wait on the day of the IUI, do you wait until you’ve confirmed ovulation? I originally wasn’t going to temp at all this cycle, but I think I’ll just temp over the next few days to make absolutely sure. I know I should just chill – the RE was pleased as punch with the timing after all – but it’s hard not to turn off my “but what could still go wrong??”

Breathe. Reset.

My RE said wait 15 days and then call them if I start or take a HPT and call them if it’s positive. That sounds like a good plan. I don’t want to test at all until I’m at least a little late, so that will be Monday, January 4th. Wow, writing that down makes it look so far away, but hopefully these next two weeks will be heavy with holiday stuff and distractions.

I have a ton of books to read, for one. I really need to get back into writing. I’m talking my wife into going out of town for Christmas and maybe renting a cabin in some snow and mountains. I need to think about 2016 and what I want it to mean for me. I need to let go of 2015. I need to clean the bath tub. I need to see the new Star Wars. I need to hang out with friends. I need to wrap blankets around myself and drink hot cocoa. I have trails to run and barbells to lift.

Here’s to keeping busy.



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5 responses to “IUI Alpha, CD12: And Thus Begins the Two Weeks

  1. Good luck! I always counted DPIUI (days post IUI), in the same way as I would count DPO, as with a trigger you’re to assume you O’d sometime around 36 hrs post trigger.

  2. Good luck! I hope you have enough distractions around that these next two weeks fly by!

  3. We counted DPIUI too. You can be pretty confident that you ovulated the day of the IUI, due to the trigger shot. Fingers crossed!!

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