IUI Alpha, CD11: Already?!

I just got back from my ultrasound and I am all scheduled for an IUI tomorrow! I responded way awesomely to the letrozole, apparently! I have two follicles that are around 18mm, so yaay. They even went ahead and gave me the trigger shot.

I’m a bit over the moon/incredibly relieved. I was very worried I wouldn’t ovulate until my more usual CD18 or 19, which would have been, well, Christmas. And they’re closed Christmas Eve and Day, understandably. Ya’ll have been around long enough to know if something can go wrong, it will, so you can appreciate the giant sigh of relief I gave when I saw two honkin’ huge follicles.

It was also funny because the RE was like “of course with two, there is always a chance of twins” and I was like “I REALLY DON’T CARE ANYMORE.”

Also it’s nice to do it on the weekend – one less appointment I have to take off from work. Also nice that this particular weekend is going to be incredibly chill. Good. Good.

Now I just have to think of every other possible way this could go wrong between now and tomorrow! 😀



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7 responses to “IUI Alpha, CD11: Already?!

  1. What great news!! Congrats! Crossing my fingers that it takes on the first IUI!

  2. Good luck! Sometimes your body just needs that little extra push, and you’ll be on your way to baby!!

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