New Frontiers

Welp. Here we are again. Embarking into the unknown. I’m sure within one cycle we’ll be old hats at this, but right now I feel a little bit like I did right before our first TTC attempt: bewildered and overwhelmed and hopeful.

My cycle doesn’t start until next week, but I called our RE and Lady called the bank and we have all our ducks aligned. I confirmed that I wanted to give this all we’ve got and go for the letrozole. Lady confirmed that the bank had vials for the donor we wanted. Money has been quite literally put down. This is going to happen.

I still have some lingering questions, such as: are letrozole’s side effects less severe than clomid? and: how is the evil wizard from the future going to fuck things up this time? I read something about it being possible to *still* not ovulate in a medicated cycle, so my money is on that. But at least the RE will see what’s going on at that point. There will be monitoring. There will be someone in my corner.

I feel a little hopeful? It’s weird. Like maybe this could work first try, as in, it’s an actual possibility instead of something absurd. I guess we’ll see. Only… three, four, five weeks until we find out. 🙂



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8 responses to “New Frontiers

  1. From everyone I have talked to, the side effects of letrozole are much less than those of clomid. I hope this is the one!!

  2. Good luck on your swItch to letrazole, I’ll be doing that next month as well

  3. I didn’t have side effects for either but letrozole worked better for me! The monitoring and letrozole hopefully take the guess work out of whether or not you have growth and ovulation. When they see an adequately sized follicle and then you trigger the chance of not ovulating is super super minimal (from my understanding – this was my constant fear as well). So many good thoughts!

  4. I’ve taken clomid and letrozole and am happy to say that I had much less side effects on letrozole! Really hope that this is the case for you and that this is your month xx

  5. I so hope everything goes smoothly and that the evil wizard stays at bay. Thinking of you!

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