Cat Trees and #Thankful

cats in cat tree

The purrbuckets got a new tree this weekend when they finally very thoroughly destroyed the old one. Plastic bits and fluff and cats were everywhere – it was just chaos. This one is taller and more stable and will hopefully not topple over in the middle of the night.

All in all, a perfect cat photo opportunity.

Thanksgiving is just tomorrow. November pulled a disappearing act one me. I was all ready and planning to do the one-a-day thankful thing, and then it was mid-November and I couldn’t muster the energy.

But it’s not too late, it’s never too late. I know this will help, even a little bit, considering where my mental health has been this past week.

26 Things I’m Thankful For:
(or: A Thanksgiving Thankstravaganza)

26) Tucson and it’s glorious wonderful chaotic weather.
25) Fuzzy furry crazy cats.
24) Gainful employment.
23) BPAL and other good scents.
22) Happy twinkle lights.
21) Standing desks.
20) My overall good health.
19) Deadlifts and squats and everything they’ve taught me about true strength.
18) The local Thanksgiving 5k.
17) The feeling I have during a good run.
16) Zombies, Run!
15) All the amazing musicians who keep making music and life.
14) All the amazing authors who keep writing.
13) Living during a time when we have access to such a variety and depth of great arts and music and books.
12) My agent.
11) Coffee.
10) The opportunities that I’ve worked for and stumbled across.
9) Writing and the purpose it has given my life.
8) The Internet.
7) This blogging community.
6) Being able to cross the world in a matter of hours.
5) Growing older and all the experiences and wisdom that comes along.
4) Financial stability.
3) Family – chosen and blood-related.
2) My friends.
1) My wife.


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