In Need of Motivation and: SoA PCOS Diet Day 8

I’m barely a week into this low-carb, me-specific, n=1, PCOS diet and already I want to say fuck it and go back to not giving a fig about carbs. I knew it would be hard going in, and I knew I wouldn’t really “see” a change – not a big one, anyway – but damn if it’s not hard o keep going when absolutely nothing has changed.

Today is CD26 and I haven’t ovulated and I want to cry. I was so hopeful when my cycle picked right back up after my bout of pneumonia. Obviously eating healthfully and exercising and sleeping and drinking green tea and taking metformin and not. stressing. would mean my cycle would keep up its end of the bargain, right? But apparently my cycle and I never agreed to the terms of that bargain.

I *know* a week isn’t anything in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still incredibly disheartening to see no change. Especially because I’m not 100% convinced it’s the carbs, anyway. But everything I’ve read indicates that sticking to low carb is The Best Thing, so here we are.

I’ve promised myself that if I stick with this until Thanksgiving, I can have a no-counting-carbs day, complete with a reasonable amount of pecan pie and some butter-soaked sweet potatoes. I will also run a 5k that morning to help mitigate the damage, but I’m not planning on going overboard.

I’m trying not to count ahead and think about what a long cycle now means for January TTC, but it’s hard. And again, very discouraging. I never considered my cycle would play the long game now, nor how that might interfere with starting. Once we’re on the drugs, it’ll be fine. But getting to that point might be fun (see: not). We were only going to have time for 2-3 tries in an ideal world. I guess I should plan for the possibility of not even having that.

For now, here I am, holding myself accountable even though I very desperately want to throw in the towel.


Day 8 of the SoA PCOS Diet of Awesome was all right. I had:

  • 71g carbs – depending on whether or not I can get up the energy, I might make a lower carb mug cake that will bump this up by 15g
  • Greens, two eggs, and half an avocado
  • Full fat yogurt and lowcarb granola, slices of salame
  • Pumpkin chili
  • Full fat cottage cheese with cinnamon
  • Burger with sauerkraut and roasted beets, + goat cheese

Probably eating too much dairy, but I’m making certain it is organic at least. I just don’t know what else that’s low carb to eat that isn’t a) meat or b) avocados. I’d do nuts, but my granola is 99% walnuts and I don’t want to overdo nuts. Suggestions?



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4 responses to “In Need of Motivation and: SoA PCOS Diet Day 8

  1. Is this list useful? I know there’s a lot on there that you’re avoiding, but I was surprised to see kale so high on the list. And can you have sprouts?

  2. I think that a variety of nuts would be okay. So even though you’re getting walnuts with granola, a handful of almonds, cashews, or even peanuts would add some different nutrients and some protein.

  3. Sorry to be the one to say, let it go. Eat what makes you feel healthy (healthy is the key word), every time I follow the rules of some medical theory, I threw up or felt terrible. So I gave it all up. I am 52 yrs old, 5’3″, weigh 105 lbs and have made it through pregnancy’s and disappointments. What I ate did not change anything but just added to the stress and the list of rules I was breaking.

  4. Eating clean is tough no matter what anyone says. It took me two full months to stop eating crap and I went on a gluten free and dairy free diet. My pcos diet consists of lots of greens. I eat salads just about everyday for lunch. Try to bake salmon or trout…lots of fish and organic chicken with roasted broccoli or potatoes. There is a pcos diet page on Facebook I follow that posts some good foods as well. You are on the right track girl, baby steps and you will get there. Good luck!

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