seattleDITL (2 of 2)Well, we’re back! We got home Tuesday afternoon with plenty of time to get groceries and do some cooking and laundry and chores and – of course we just pet cats and went to bed early instead.

Seattle was good. It was amazing and autumnal and everything we remembered and then it was time to go home, and that was good, too. It felt a lot like closure, honestly. We left after only two years there and neither of us was ready to go at the time. We’ve missed it for the last five years and built it up more than a little in our memories. So going back was like coming home, in a way – it was so familiar, (almost) everything the way we had left it, but we were different.

We exulted in the food and the sights and the leaves and yes, even the rain, but by Monday we were ready to go home – back to Arizona and sunlight and open skies and starry nights. Seattle was good for us when we lived there and it was a good place to visit, but I don’t know when we’ll be back. It was good to finally be able to say good bye.

Whew, that got heavy. Here, have some photos after the cut.

seattle (1 of 28)
Our flight out was at 6am, so we got to watch the sun rise over the Catalinas.


seattle (4 of 28)


seattle (6 of 28)


seattle (7 of 28)


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Poor fish, always having to go up ladders.


seattle (17 of 28)
Tea from our favoritest tea place: Miro in Ballard.


seattle (18 of 28)
Tiramisu cupcake from Cupcake Royale. Look at that gorgeous cake. Can’t even tell I took a big bite out of it.


seattle (20 of 28)


seattle (21 of 28)
Mochas at Solstice! Our favorite coffee place, in the U District.


seattle (25 of 28)


seattle (27 of 28)
The weird cloud… sculptures in the park near our old apartment.


seattle (28 of 28)
And Dr Lady, who turned 30 that weekend and whom I love very, very much. ❤




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4 responses to “Seattle!!

  1. oh my gaaahh Cupcake Royale!!! I LOVE their cupcakes. When we visit, I usually get a six-pack! I especially love their fall flavors. Great photos – I’m glad the trip brought you closure.

  2. It sounds amazing. 🙂

  3. I don’t have a lot of big cities on my travel bucket list, but Seattle is on there. I thought I wanted to go for the seafood and coffee, but maybe I need to go there for the cupcakes!
    I remember the specific time when I visited my home town and realized it wasn’t home anymore. It was nice to put aside wishing for the things I left, and to really let myself love where I am.

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