Tomorrow, Tomorrow

RE appointment tomorrow. Apparently I’m still scarred from when he told me to lose 5lbs (*&#%$&!) and so I’ve been low-carbin’ it since yesterday. That should help me lose the water weight I’ve been bloating up on over the last week with too many tasty treats. Celebrating job, our friend in town, and the overall joy of October took its toll.

I’ll gain it all back this coming weekend anyway because SEATTLE and CUPCAKES and HOT COCOA and PECAN STICKY BUNS and CRUMPETS and TEA and PHO and and and –

And I know 5lbs isn’t anything, which is partially why I was (and am) a little upset. I have worked so hard for so long to accept my body with all its pudge and rolls and now muscles too and accept the fact that I will never be tiny or skinny or fit into a size 10 pants or have a flat stomach etc etc and that my body is perfect now, the way it is. But even with all the work I’ve put in, it doesn’t take much to make me feel insecure and too fat again. Which is fucking ridiculous, because I am in fact a perfectly normal/healthy/whatever size/weight. Argh.

In the meantime, trying to think up appropriate questions for tomorrow, but between ya’ll and the greater internet, I might know more about this whole thing than the doctor. 😛 Not really, but you know, I could definitely teach a class on it.



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10 responses to “Tomorrow, Tomorrow

  1. Good luck! Weight doesn’t control fertility. I’ve never been even close to having an overweight bmi in my life and I’ve been unable to conceive this far.
    Ask him what the next step for trying for a kid in January is. All him why he thinks you’ve been unsuccessful. Ask him what your options are and what the odds of each are. Different REs have different favorite treatment plans. Most follow what’s widely considered best practices.

    • ❤ ❤
      I asked him everything but why he thinks we've been unsuccessful because a) I forgot and b) between missing it in June and not ov'ing on time in July and simply not ov'ing until way too late in August, I think I know why. 😦

  2. shawnsorcade

    Best of luck. Side note I don’t know why but I’m dying laughing at your title because I’m thinking of the episode of friends where chandler sings the Annie soundtrack. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about and I don’t seem weird!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! One more step closer to January!!!! It will be here before we know it!

  4. Ladibug21

    Good luck tomorrow! All of my sisters and I have been able to get pregnant while overweight. Judging by your photos, you look very fit and very healthy to me. I highly doubt 5lbs is going to make or break things!

    Enjoy your visit! If you like ginger ale, definitely check out some Rachel’s Ginger Beer while you’re here. It’s delicious and my obsession lately.

    • Thank you ❤ Sometimes it's very difficult to see the person I am now vs the person I was when I was fat. It's definitely gotten better over the years, but the 5lbs thing doesn't help.

      Who carries it? I looove ginger beer. I think we're going to eat all of Seattle, honestly.

      • Christabel Ladibug21

        Cupcake Royale usually has it in their stores. Also, PCC. There is a Rachel’s cafe in Pike Place too.

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