Sperm Donor Answers

Thank you for all the replies on my last post! Just as I’d hoped, you guys are an absolute font of knowledge. ❤ I really, really appreciate the personal stories about how you selected your donor. It's given me a better framework to begin.

But begin we have not, because as was pointed out, some RE's can be a wee bit selective about the bank, so we will talk to ours first before making any more decisions. I'd better make that appointment, then.

We've also officially broken the news to our known donor, which he took about as well as I'd expected. That is to say, he was disappointed but he also refused to believe there could be anything wrong on his end. Yeah, okay. All the more reason for us to move on.

I feel so much better having made this decision. I don't know where I'll be once we try again, but I'm certain that taking the guesswork out of it and being 100% sure we got it and tried our best each time will help.

It also helps that I finally have an interview and my agent has fed me some good news (nothing solid, just hopeful stuff) and the weather is cooling down and my wife's birthday is in two weeks and I'm not sick.



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2 responses to “Sperm Donor Answers

  1. Sounds like things are looking up! I love that feeling after a decision has been made. It’s empowering. Hope you can hold on to it.

  2. I’ve only had my doctor insist that any bank we use follow the fda regulation. But I may have just found very relaxed practices.

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