N Steps in October

When I first started this blog, it was called the N Steps, a riff off of the n=1 self-experimentation rage that was sweeping the internet around that time. The blog was supposed to be about both my own self-experimentation and self-optimization as well as an acknowledgement that it would take n steps to get there – an unknowable, uncountable, perhaps even infinite number.

Then it became a book blog, then a food blog, then an overall this-is-my-life blog, and finally more of a TTC blog. But right now, I want to bring it back full circle to the core concept of the N Steps: always seeking to improve life in any number of small, manageable ways.

To that end, I’ve made a list of goals and aspirations for October. Some of them are every day goals, some of them are weekly, and some of them are just things wot I would like to do this month. To hold myself accountable, I’m going to check in here at the end of each week and see just how far I’ve gotten.

And holding to the core of the N Steps, I’m not aiming for an unbroken streak or anything so unyielding. Each and every time I do something counts, so if I miss a day (or two), every other day still matters.

These are the steps I want to take for the month of October.

Daily Steps:
– Write 1500 words
– Practice drawing for 30min
– Move my butt, either through Crossfit, running, or biking
– Practice French
– Practice mindfulness
– Adhere to the Whole30 (no alcohol, no grains, no added sugar, no dairy, no beans, but lots of greens, tea, eggs, sweet potatoes, avocados, chicken broth, etc)

Weekly Steps:
– Practice ukulele for 2-3 hours
– Cook a real, sit down dinner
– Lift something heavy twice

Monthly Steps:
– Acquire a job
– Reach out to at least one new social group
– Hit up local events (point for each one)

I took my first step yesterday, actually, before October even started. I found a meet-up group that looked like it could be fun and RSVP’ed for a meeting this weekend. Here’s hoping they’re not weird. 🙂

Overall, my steps in October will bring me closer to my goal of finishing this first draft, but also of rounding out and stretching other creative abilities (drawing, music). It will also realign me with my health goals and get me closer to where I want to be when our TTC break is over.

Now I just need to finish writing this cover letter…



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2 responses to “N Steps in October

  1. It sounds like you’re setting yourself up for a very productive October.

  2. Yep, sounds like you’re off to a great start!

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