Not Dead Yet

Actually getting better.

Saw the doctor on Wednesday and got a chest x-ray. Turns out I had pneumonia. It probably started as flu, and then pneumonia just slid right in. Started antibiotics that evening. By the next morning, I wasn’t coughing nearly as much. I managed to keep sleeping through the morning, which had been impossible before.

This morning, no fever. After eleven days I almost can’t believe it. I still have a cough, but that’s going to take a while to recover from.

A few days ago, I couldn’t imagine not having a fever. And now I don’t, finally, and it’s so hard to wrap my mind around. This sickness kicked my ass, hard. I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing anymore. My anniversary happened while I was sick, and autumn, and we found out about France, but processing all of that – not so much.

I need to look for a job. I need to clean the house. I need to figure out what the hell we’re doing TTC-wise. I need to figure out what’s happening with my life.

But maybe not today. Today I can just focus on recovering.



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10 responses to “Not Dead Yet

  1. I’m glad they figured out what was wrong. Hopefully you’re on the mend now. Happy healing!

  2. I hope you heal up quickly! Being sick, especially with pneumonia is never fun!

  3. I hope the pneumonia clears up quickly, it sounds like you’re on the mend. 🙂
    Is the donor leaning town for good at some point?

  4. ugh, I had pneumonia once in college and it took FOREVER to get rid of that cough. Best of luck for a quick recovery!

  5. Oh man, at least you have a bloody explanation now! I wish you a speedy recovery. You’ve been living healthily otherwise so I’d imagine bouncing back shouldn’t be a problem. Xx

  6. Glad you got answers and are on the upswing

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