Fever Day 7

Went to a walk-in clinic on Saturday, but that did little good. Doctor was dismissive and condescending. I should know by now, but I’d had a decent experience at that specific clinic in the past, so had hoped…

They did take blood to check for an infection. But we won’t know about that for a few days.

Dr Lady wants me to go to the regular doctor anyway asap and I agree. This doesn’t feel like it’s going to go away. It feels stuck on – like I had a real virus at the beginning complete with increasing temp until my temp broke and started going down – then it got stuck at 100.

I am so, so tired, but I can’t even sleep. I’ve lost five pounds and have no appetite and I’m just. Done.

I was looking forward to finally being able to plan once we knew about France – one way or the other – but this is just day by day dragging on forever.

I’m hoping maybe one of you have had experience with prolonged, inexplicable fevers before. Dr Google is less than helpful, as usual.



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4 responses to “Fever Day 7

  1. Kind of sounds like mono, did they check for that at the clinic?

  2. Maybe you had a cold and have a secondary infection now? I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I’ve had mono twice, both with a fever. Whatever it is I hope it clears up quickly

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