TTC Cycle C, CD 4: Got the Fever

I think it really says something about what TTC does to you when you wake up and temp after days of bleeding and your first thought when you see a feverish number is not oh lookit I’m sick but MAYBE THIS MEANS I’M PREGNANT?!

I just took my temp again to be sure and the thermometer made a horrible, anguished beeping noise it’s never made before. And lookit: 99.7. Woo.

My second thought, of course, is that I’d better get over this damn quick because I ain’t gonna have nothing messing with this cycle, thank you very much.

At least I caught it at the start, so now I can overdose on vitamin C and what have you before it gets too much worse. Assuming it’s not ebola. Just have a very slight cough, the fever, and woah fatigue, so I’m also going to go sleep for a few days hours. Also was so cold last night that I had to put two fluffy blankets on, turn the a/c up, and cuddle a heating pad. So.

Anyway, currently practicing positive thoughts and trying not to stomp on my fragile little dream, so I’m going to just not think about how this could mess things up and instead, take some zinc and garlic, drink some green tea, and go right back to bed.

At least there’s tons of chicken broth in the fridge for when I wake up.

What are your favorite ways to shorten a fever?



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4 responses to “TTC Cycle C, CD 4: Got the Fever

  1. Sleep, Sleep, and more sleep…. I also like the “sweat it out” method where I put on layer of clothes and help my body raise my temp so that it can kill what needs to be killed and then return to homeostasis (normal)

  2. Definitely a zinc subscriber. Plus tons of fluids to flush it out.

  3. I’m a big fan of sleeping when sick too.

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