And Now for Something A Little Happier: #100Happydays

I started #100HappyDays here on this blog last autumn, but I only made it a few weeks in. Blogging it daily was just too much effort to sustain, especially coupled with using my brick of a digital camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love that beast, but it is not conducive to portability.

Now, I have a fancy schmancy smartphone with all its fancy schmancy camera abilities and apps that fits in my pocket and goes everywhere with me. I got instagram a while ago and used it off and on, then remembered #100HappyDays when things started to get dark again and decided to try it. I don’t know how much it’s actually helped in the moment, but looking back I’m able to see little glimmers of good amongst all the oppressive sad, and it helps me to remember that not everything is awful.

Unfortunately, you guys tend to get a lot of the darkest posts, because writing it out helps me get through those days. And I feel like I need to remember that here, too, and talk about it and acknowledge it. So I’m going to do a few #100HappyDays round-ups to both brighten this place up and also look back and remember that the good things.

Here’re a few of my favorites from the first few weeks.

Day 1: Burning a candle first thing always makes any morning more special.


Day 2: Dr Lady took me for a walk and we caught this spectacular desert sunset.


Day 3: Dr Lady took me on a surprise morning walk through the Botanical Gardens, which was nice in and of itself, but then – this. Idk what I expected from the gardens, but this made me laugh. 🙂


Day 6: I danced to this song about five times on repeat. I hadn’t danced to a song in forever and it was nice to just let loose.


Day 10: Went for a hike with Dr Lady to the top of the world. The entire time, clouds were breaking against the side of the mountain. On our way back, we hiked – quite literally – through a thunderstorm.


Day 13: This was a hard day, so I let myself have some chocolate that had been left at our house. Then I couldn’t help but smile at the message inside as I sat inside with the a/c on full tilt at the end of August.


Day 16: Finally got around to putting up happy lights in the office. They make a really big difference. I like turning them in and lying on the floor.


Day 17: According to our niece, Dr Lady is a banana.


Day 19: The best. damn. donuts. ever. Worth every speck of gluten.


Day 21: I still get a little tweak of joy when I visit the library and come away victorious with books. I just love books so much.


Day 23: My mom got me this awesome new wallet off on etsy, which means I can finally replace the wallet I’ve had for the last 13 years. Bittersweet, but it’s time to move on.


Day 24: My first time watching Roller Derby! The west coast divisional or whatever was in town this weekend and our friend who has watched derby for years took us and gave us a rundown of what was going on. It was fascinating, exciting, and… intriguing. If I can learn how to skate…

That’s it for now. Today will be day 26, which means I’ve almost been doing this for four weeks! Wow.



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3 responses to “And Now for Something A Little Happier: #100Happydays

  1. great post! Looking forward to more. Xx

  2. Love the photos! I’m a huge fan of books and library books, in particular. Something about that slightly musty smell is just really comforting to me.

  3. I loved this!! Your photos are amazing. 🙂

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