Birthday Photoshoot

I used to go out of my way to take ridiculous/fantastic photos around my birthday every year. As the one with the camera, I’m usually not in the photos I take. I’ve been a lot better about it in recent years and it’s helped me have a much better sense of self and body image to be able to look back and see myself two, five, ten years ago.

But my birthday is an especially good reminder to take a photo as well as a perfect excuse to do something a little more than just prop up a coffee table next to a window. I’m not good at being selfish, so having an excuse to say “be my assistant and hold these things” is ideal.

Last year I didn’t really do anything special because, well, it was a lot like this year. Hard enough to get through each day, let alone try to do something that require effort. But this year I recognized that I regretted not doing it, so even though it was 100x harder to push myself to do it, and every little setback felt like the largest of hills, I kept reminding myself that I would regret this, that this was for future me, not present me, and it would be worth it.

So I convinced Dr Lady to trump out to the canyon with me and we just barely climbed the mile uphill before the sunset finished setting. I set up a single light with an umbrella – because I only have one stand right now – figured out the right shutter speed on my camera, changed to a fisheye lens, then handed it to Dr Lady and told her to go to town. Way easier than trying to balance a tripod and get the focus right and time everything. Assistants FTW.

My favorites are below the cut. I think I’m going to use one for my new author photo. They feel a lot more appropriate for a fantasy writer.

Literally took this right when we reached the top of the hill.



The moon!! Always looks bigger to the eye.



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3 responses to “Birthday Photoshoot

  1. Beautiful photos!! Like you, I’m always behind the camera and it takes a conscious effort to get me into a few photos.

  2. Great photos! The lighting is perfect!

  3. Fat Girl Dancing


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