Pros and Cons of (F)unemployment

Tomorrow marks the end of my first two weeks of (f)unemployment. How is it going so far? Well, let’s see:


  • Not stressing about leaving a minute or two late in the morning.
  • Not stressing about hitting every light on the way to work.
  • Not stressing about being late to work in general.
  • Going home at noon.
  • Working in the library.
  • Working at my own pace.
  • Having space to cry instead of bottling it up and turning it into a panic attack.
  • Taking breaks / eating lunch whenever I want.
  • Going outside whenever I want.
  • Going for hikes whenever I want.
  • Getting errands done.
  • Having enough time to make a special treat for Dr Lady, like creme brulee.
  • All the writing.
  • All the editing.
  • Getting to have coffee breaks with friends during the weekday.
  • Not being online constantly.
  • Not dwelling on negative thoughts.
  • No one shouting “GOOD MORNING” and expecting a response when I’m trying to work.
  • Time to learn French.



  • The need to be doing something productive at all times to avoid feeling lazy.
  • Money.
  • The feeling that I should be cleaning/organizing/doing errands because I don’t have a paying job.
  • Anxiety that I will never find a part-time job.
  • Money.
  • The basic shame that accompanies being (f)unemployed in our society.
  • Convincing myself that the agent made a big mistake and will realize it any moment.
  • Seriously, why am I not cleaning the kitchen right now?
  • Money.


But I absolutely do not regret quitting that job. Just… hopefully I can find a part time one before my money anxieties get the best of me.



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5 responses to “Pros and Cons of (F)unemployment

  1. I am so happy that your pro list far outweighs your con list!! I hope the money thing doesn’t become too stressful for you.
    Also, I hear you about the basic shame that accompanies unemployment – I always made a distinction about unemployed by choice. It at least made me feel a bit better about my decision to quit.

  2. I don’t think you should feel ashamed at all. You really really needed out of that job, and now that you’re free you are being really disciplined about writing and catching up on doing things you love to do. You will earn money again — in fact, with any luck you *are* earning money, by writing. You were saving up for being unemployed, so try not to feel guilty for enjoying it!

  3. That’s a very long pro’s list!

  4. When we moved from Oregon to San Diego, I decided to take some time off before getting a new job. I only lasted a month before I realized it was making me totally batty. I hated not having structure and concrete obligations, though I was very productive around the house. Not earning a paycheck bothered me way more than I want to admit. Now, I realize that those aspects of my personality bother me more. Haha, lose/lose.

    I think you’re going to have a much better time than I did – especially working on your writing!

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