To-Done Lists


I still believe in to-do lists – they’re very helpful in organizing and not forgetting things you really ought to do – but during the last few months I’ve discovered and embraced to-done lists. Since embarking on (f)unemployment, they’ve been a sanity-saver.

Side-note: I’m a little addicted to productivity. If I write a to-do list and only do half of it – or worse – instead of realizing that perhaps I had way underestimated the time commitment, I beat myself up. Productivity and my perception of whether or not I’ve achieved it factors in greatly with my anxiety.

Knowing this about myself, I recognized that I would have a really hard time with my days if I couldn’t look back and point at all the things I’d done, but using to-do lists could (would) only make that worse. Enter the to-done list, where I write down everything I did, instead.

So far, I’ve had several days where I felt bad about my productivity, only to sit down and write out my to-done list and realize – oh wait! – I’d actually done a lot! I hit my personal goals and even did a little errands and life stuff on the side. It really helps me view my days as successes instead of failures and likewise keeps my anxiety at bay.

Do any of you use a similar system?



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2 responses to “To-Done Lists

  1. Yes! I even do this at work to get a better handle on my productivity. Once I complete a task, if it’s not already on my to-do list, I’ll still write it down just so I can cross through it. So satisfying!

  2. Sometimes, making lists is the only way I manage to get anything done.

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