TTC Cycle (Not?) A, DPO 5

It looks like we really did end up missing out on this cycle by only a day or two. Mostly, I’m just glad I ovulated within a relatively normal time frame. It means that my worst fear* – that the metformin wasn’t working any longer and my cycles were about to shift into crazy mode again – was unfounded. Considering the stress I was under the week before – even if it was happy stress! – I’m actually a little surprised it wasn’t further off.

Maybe I shouldn’t have upped my met dose, then? Oh well, too late. Like I said before, the RE wanted me to get to 2000mg/day anyway, I just stopped at 1500mg because it seemed fine there.

I’m already through the worst of the initial increase symptoms. I’d forgotten how bad it could be. I lost most of Friday and Saturday to a complete lack of energy. I don’t mean the lethargy that comes with depression; I mean outright blacking out when I stand up and then being too dizzy to move for several minutes. Then, when I finally can move, I only have a limited number of minutes I can be active before I have to sit back down again. Scary, but this has happened with every met increase.

But hey – 29/28/31 day cycles? Worth it.

Edited to add: Oh man, I probably shouldn’t have googled anything about our potential chances if we did get within 4-5 days. 8-15%, says Dr Google. Well, there goes any chance of getting through the next ten days without wondering.
* Go me – I developed some more fears after all the others were realized!



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2 responses to “TTC Cycle (Not?) A, DPO 5

  1. I vote you call your baby “Outlier” while in utero if you do get pregnant this cycle. 🙂

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