More About the Offer

Now that I can actually write (and think) coherently, I’m gonna answer some of the questions I’ve been getting (mostly elsewhere) all in one place:

What does this mean??
It means I have someone who will champion my novel to editors and publishers and who is personally invested in me succeeding with as much of an advance as possible, because she’ll get a cut – then and only then. It means much, much higher chances of getting published, but no absolute guarantee – even the best agents are unable to sell all of their projects.

Wait, you’re not getting published yet?
No – getting an agent is an important, but not absolutely necessary, step though. You can get published without an agent, but most of the big publishers don’t accept un-agented work and an agent would know to whom to submit and how to negotiate the best advance/contract. They’re also, ideally, where the editors are – in NY – so they can meet with them face to face.

How long until you’re published???
I don’t know! It can easily take up to a year to sell a novel to a publisher, or even longer, and then another year until an actual publication (pub) date. And this novel may never see the light of day. But now that I have an agent who specifically likes the way that I write, she will be my agent for future novels, too, and one of them will likely sell. Unless we part amicably at some point, which can happen for various reasons.

Wait, what about the other agents who are still reading your manuscript??
I’ve reached out to them, giving some a week to get back, and withdrawing from others. I have a really good feeling about this one, though, but we’ll see. This is a business relationship and it’s best to give others a chance to find the best fit for you.

Which book is this again?
The Impossible Contract, which I started in June 2014 and began querying last April. I’ve talked about it before, but to refresh: it’s an adventure fantasy about an assassin who must work with the necromancer she’s supposed to kill to stop a greater evil from returning. It features undead camels!, queer ladies!, and sandstorms!

Just how excited are you????
Honestly? Right now I’m still pretty numb. I don’t think I really feel this until I sign the contract, which will be next week at the latest. Waiting on those other agents, remember?

What now??
I need to keep writing! If this novel doesn’t sell, then I’d better have another one ready to go. I’m working on that one right now.

I have other questions???!
That’s awesome! I’ll answer anything I can.

Thank you for all your congrats and support!! ❤



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4 responses to “More About the Offer

  1. It sounds very promising! I hope you get good news from the agent soon.

  2. Fat Girl Dancing

    Just so happy for you 🙂

  3. Benni

    😀 *Kermit flail*

    Your brief synopsis of the book sounds great!

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