My mind is just full of France right now and neither my wife nor I can think of anything else. Talk about a sudden change in perspective! Yet at the same time we’re googling mildly and thinking hard about what this could mean for us, we’re both very… hesitant.

For one, taking this seriously feels like jinxing it, in a bad way. We don’t have a contract in hand and the guy leaving the lab, which opens the position up for Dr Lady, isn’t for-sure gone until September. So even though the email was clearly an offer, it was a soft offer, and we’re both afraid it could just poof and go up in smoke.

In a way, it feels a lot like the 2WW right now – all the excitement and potential and possibility, but none of the guarantee. It’s the only thing you can think or talk about. You want to hope and plan, but you’re terrified that you’re just going to be crushed in two weeks a month. So you try to repress all that thinking and talking, but that just makes it harder.

Except, this is way more than the typical 25% chance of the 2WW – we’re talking 85-90% here – and when we find out for sure, we’re only going to have a month, a month and a half, to get our shit together. So what do we do?

For now, it looks like we’re assuming it will happen. It just seems safer that way, and worse case scenario it’s September and we have our stuff pared down for moving, which we’ll have to do sometime in the next eight-ten months anyway. That means I get to go through our closets when I’m unemployed next week, and it also means fun googling sessions for ex-pat blogs, weather info, whether or not a kid born abroad to two Americans gets US citizenship (spoiler: yes), and whether or not the same kid can also get French citizenship (spoiler: yes, but they have to apply for it themselves at 18).

I can’t even begin to think what this means for our TTC journey (lies – of course I can). We’d only have three chances (assuming my cycle stays normal [knock on wood]) instead of six, which I’m really not sure I’m okay with.

We’ll see though. Trying real hard not to count all of our chickens before they hatch.



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4 responses to “Franciful

  1. Is there a reason you couldn’t find a new donor in France and TTC there?

    • No reason off the top of my head, it would just be more complicated and we’d be postponing TTC while we settled in and learned French. Mostly, it just wrecks havoc with my plan to try until December and be done, baby or not.

  2. Very exciting stuff! Just enjoy the semi-planning. We’re all rooting for you two and your next big adventure!

  3. Fingers crossed. Im excited for you both 🙂

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