Genève! | Part One

We got back from our trip to Switzerland and France (all in the span of a week! agh!) over ten days ago, but it took a bit of time to edit the photos and then more time to just get back into life.

Believe me when I say I really wished we could have stayed longer.

I didn’t really know what to expect from our trip. I’d been to Europe before, but never the French-speaking portions. I’d even been hesitant to learn French in the not-too-distant past, but I’m glad I embraced the language in the last year because it really made our trip a lot easier and more fun. I plan to continue working on my French, even, because it’s a pretty fun language once you get to know it. 🙂

So I went in without too many expectations, which was good. I could just absorb the place and even fall in love a little bit. For an international city, Genève isn’t huge and doesn’t have that big city feel. It’s clean and open and the public transportation is a dream and there are mountains all around, a big lake at its center, and bakeries on every corner. Super walkable, super friendly people, and overall just a lovely place.

But before I ramble for too long, I said there’d be photos.


We stayed in Air BnB’s during the entire trip, which turned out to be an excellent idea. We were therefore firmly in the middle of quiet, residential areas and could pretend we lived there too for a short time. Plus, you know, a kitchen.

This is the view from our first stay.


The street we stayed on.



And just… some of that residential-ness. Nice wide sidewalks, lots of parking, but tiny little streets.



The path along the riverfront. There are two main rivers in Genève – le Rhone and l’Arve. Our apartment was just off l’Arve.



Speaking of which: l’Arve! And some mountains beyond.



Looking the other way up l’Arve.


And now for some more random photos. I’ll try to give context accordingly, but mostly they’re just pretty things.



First pretty thing: all the buildings. All of them. I love the architecture in Genève.



Looking towards the lake / center of the city from Old Town.




I love this arch, but also look closely because there’s a fountain on the right side there, behind the bikes.



“Potable water.”

Although there are fountains aaall over Geneve that have potable water, I wasn’t so keen on drinking the water from this particular fountain.

Also all over the city: random pianos. Some had players, some were for passersby. I think they had to do with the upcoming music festival, but it was still a delight.



The entrance to the University Park.


Just so you know, it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows the entire time we were there. I’m glad we brought our umbrellas.


I can’t pass a giant chessboard by without playing. There. Now you know one of my deepest secrets.


These strange, curved seats were outside several tram stops and big buildings. That’s astroturf they’re covered with, and they were comfortably warm from the sun. We spotted quite a few people napping in them for real and not just my wife.


I… I honestly have no idea.


That’s it for this part! I have many more photos, but they should probably be spaced out a little. Next part: Lyon!



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4 responses to “Genève! | Part One

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the photos, and I particularly love the random pianos! What a fun idea. 🙂

  2. It looks wonderful. I regret not traveling more now.

  3. Kate

    I have only been to Geneva once, earlier this year, and I really really want to go back — even more so after seeing your photos. There’s so much more to explore!
    Beautiful photos. ❤

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