Au Revoir, Genève


We’re leaving for the airport in just over an hour and I’m not ready for it. Not just the 19+ hours of travel, shoved together with a hundred strangers in a tiny metal tube as we hurdle across a vast ocean, but also all the things I have to face when I come home.

It’s been lovely ignoring all my problems and the things I was less than happy about and the changes I will have to make, but that time could never last. Even knowing the changes will be good for me doesn’t help.

Oh well. I’m glad we had this opportunity. It was lovely and calm and I was happy more often than not and I got to see our friend and eat gelato by the lake and stroll past old architecture and take lots of photos and pretend, for a short while, that we lived here and this was our life.

But all things must come to an end. Especially vacations. C’est la vie.

Photos will be forthcoming. I took most of them on my actual camera, but I’ll try not to clog up my blog too much.

Au revoir. See you on the other side of the big lake.

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