D&C Post-Op

I wasn’t going to write anything about the post-op appointment because it was mostly “you’re fine,” but then I realized that was just all the more reason to write about it. I can’t just pop in here every time something goes wrong, right?

Besides, considering the scarcity of resources I was able to find for non-miscarriage related D&C’s, I feel like anything I can add is helpful. To recap, my RE thought it was best for me to do have the D&C procedure done because of a) my semi-recent history of not having a cycle and b) my super thick & dense lining.

Anyway, continuing with the theme of having no idea what to expect, I didn’t know what would happen going into the post-op and the 2 hour wait for my appointment Did. Not. Help. Apparently, any time you go into an ob-gyn’s office you should just be prepared to take off your pants skirt, which I was not. Give me a break, though – I’ve only been to an obi three times now.

But it was a quick, 5 min appointment where I learned that a) when they scrapped everything out, they saved some tissue samples to make sure there was no hint of cancer, b) those tissue samples were all happily cancer-free, & c) I had all of one small polyp. Had. That sucker is long gone.

Sooo… that’s pretty much it. They didn’t find anything wrong, although the obi agreed with the RE that sometimes just getting that shit cleared out can be helpful enough. I’m fully cleared to go ahead with TTC. Next cycle, we’re on.

I have no idea if I should be expecting anything else from the RE at this point, or if I should even contact him. Considering everything seems to be hunky dory, it would only really be a check in, as far as I can tell.

Anyway. Onwards! …in another four weeks, that is.


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