They Weren’t Kidding about the “Surgery” Part

I don’t know where I got the idea, but I went into the D&C largely expecting it to be little different from when I got my wisdom teeth out. There would be some anesthesia and blissful unconsciousness, but otherwise it wouldn’t be a big deal. And there certainly wouldn’t be big, scary machines. And it’d be in a chill environment, pretty much like a regular doctor’s office.

No. Apparently when they said surgery, and kept saying surgery, they meant all of the things wot go with surgery, too. Even though a D&C isn’t actually cutting anything open and therefore isn’t surgery as I generally understand it. Everything else about it was, though, and it was, well, hella intimidating.

Honestly, I wasn’t that nervous until I actually arrived at the hospital and checked in. Then I started to realize this is a hospital. Then I was made to strip and wear the official hospital gown and booties and give them my name and birth date 100+ times and that’s about when I got nervous. Getting wheeled down a long hallway to the pre-op room = even more nervous. Overhearing the doctors talking to other patients about actual surgery surgeries – removing things, rearranging arms, etc – was even more nerve-making.

But after spending an infinity in the pre-op trying not to move my hand with the IV in it and trying not to think about what was to come, they finally wheeled me into the Incredibly Daunting surgery room, complete with giant-ass machines and even gianter lights, and tossed some anesthesia into my drip. I was conscious long enough to feel the icy sensation of the anesthesia turn to fire, and then someone was taking off my oxygen mask and taking me into post-op.

I was super groggy and just wanted to go back to sleep when I came too, but that slowly faded until I was just a little whoozy. The nurses said everything was fine, but I was a little surprised my doctor wasn’t there to give me a break down. I have a follow-up appointment in a week or so where I guess she’ll let me know what they found with the hysteroscopy, but considering the whole point of the D&C was just to clear out my dense old lining, I’m not too concerned.

The nurses gave me ice nuggets and then eventually wheeled me back out into the mass hall and let me drink coffee. It was the most delicious coffee ever, and that was probably because I was dehydrated and hadn’t been allowed coffee this morning. It also cleared away the rest of the grog so that by the time my wife arrived to pick me up, I was pretty much okay.

She picked me up, we had burgers and sweet potato fries, then we picked up my prescription for painkillers and went home.

Overall I feel fine. There are some cramps, but the painkillers made those disappear almost completely. In fact, I should probably take some more because the cramps are just now starting to come back.

The worst part, honestly, was not being able to have coffee this morning. No food or beverages – including water! – for 8+ hours beforehand, which meant I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for nineteen hours by the time burgers happened. But I especially felt the coffee because a) I’m addicted and b) there was a huge change in atmospheric pressure which gives me a terrible headache that caffeine usually helps alleviate. The hunger itself wasn’t that bad at all.

The other worst part is the peeing. ;.; It is very painful and the nurses said that’s normal but omg ow. They wouldn’t let me go until I had, well, gone, and then there was so much more blood than I expected and the ow and just ugh. But it’s getting better – less painful and far less blood.

And now I’m just so so so glad it’s over. Now that the HSG and D&C are both done, that should be it for painful procedures and I can just wait for my body to get it’s act together. We won’t be able to try this cycle because my lining needs to build back up, but we should be ready next cycle. I just have to keep taking my met and stay low carb and cross my fingers that my cycles stay normal. We’re officially back into the wait and watch and hope and see part of TTC.



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11 responses to “They Weren’t Kidding about the “Surgery” Part

  1. Glad to hear you got through the day – I hope you fully recover and feel like yourself in no time! And, I really hope that this did the trick and now you can TTC with success!! 🙂

  2. I didn’t have any pain peeing at all. I hope you recover quickly. I went on my first run yesterday and it was completely normal, from surgery last thursday. I did my first workout monday though (no modifications required).

    I felt fine the day of, a little bad the next day, the second day out was the worst, but that’s probably because for some reason my body decided constipation was the appropriate reaction to having had surgery.

    • They told me I can’t lift more than 20# for a week and I kind of told them they were crazy. 😛 But I’ll listen to them for a few days, at least.
      So far there’s been very minimal cramping, but I have the painkillers they gave me at hand just in case. Glad to know it’s pretty much over with after a day or so. ❤

      • I only used ibuprofen after the anesthesia wore off. I think your doctor is much more cautious than mine. I’m under a week out and feeling same old same old. I did spot longer than I thought I would. I think today is going to be my first completely blood free day.
        The only thing I’m currently restricted on its nothing goes into the vagina, for two week. But my libido hadn’t recovered yet so it’s not a huge deal.

      • I have that 2 week restriction too, which I’m equally unconcerned about.
        They gave me a ton of Percocet which definitely feels like overkill. So far, these cramps aren’t even in the same ball park as what I usually get.

  3. B

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and that everything you’re trying will help in your TTC journey!

  4. I’m glad it went smoothly despite the terrifying surgery angle!

  5. AmyApplesnail

    Oh my goodness, that sounds so scary!! Happy for you that this part is over and you will be able to move forward!

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