Messing with Met

The nausea is slowly getting better and there are even wonderful times where I’m truly hungry and I can eat something and not feel gross afterwards, but it varies.

I’m starting to correlate the food I eat with the way I feel, but it’s been slow going because sometimes it takes a day or longer to have a reaction. So far, though, I’ve established that:

– Eating greasy foods on their own without anything to sop up the grease + metformin = nausea. Since fat & protein are pretty much the only things I can eat, I’ve been experimenting with the ratios. Bacon & eggs & cheese = big nope. But greens and bacon isn’t so bad. Avocado & greens & meat = nope again. A big ol’ burger on it’s own = nope. A big burger with sweet potato fries or some other low GI carb = okay.

– Anything more than a sip of wine = nope. This one takes longer to feel, but I’ve found that I can do about a glass of wine with only minimum nausea the next morning. Anything more than a glass makes me feel like I’m hungover. Not fun.

– Lots of carbs = nope. It doesn’t even matter if they’re low GI or not, as far as I can tell. This one takes a while to feel, but it appears that one of the ways met works is by inhibiting the cells’ ability to use carbs, and so by the end of the day – or weekend – if I haven’t been careful about my carbs I just feel awful. Tired all over, sluggish, dizzy, light-headed etc. This has happened several times now, almost always over the weekend, and I’ve only just cottoned on to the correlation. I tend not to eat as well/strict over the weekend because we’re out of food by Sunday so I grab whatever I can.

It’s, unfortunately, a self-perpetuating cycle. The more carbs I eat, the less I want protein, the more repulsed I am by fat, and the more carbs I end up eating because they are literally the only thing I can put in my mouth without feeling nauseated. Even smells get to me at this point – Sunday is our cook up day and this Sunday I had to leave the kitchen and lie down because everything just smelled so gross.

Basically, met is like half the symptoms of pregnancy without any of the fun. :/

I’ve been trying to understand how met works so I can better avoid those problems, but it appears that no one actually knows how it works. There are four proposed potential mechanisms, but they’re all quite different and have different consequences for the carbs you eat. I mentioned up-post that one potential mechanism was the way your cells use carbs, but another is through the liver and a potential third is a change in your gut microbiome. So I’m left at square one, which is self-experimentation.

Well, I’ve got plenty of time to experiment, at least. :/

This week I’m going to try to be more careful with my carbs and really double down on cutting them out as much as possible. I don’t know if I can quite do ketosis, but I’m going to get close. If my hypothesis is correct, it should help with the nausea and overall feeling of exhaustion.



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4 responses to “Messing with Met

  1. Bless you! Im on met too, so I feel your pain! In my experience, I felt very sick and very tired whilst I was on one, then two, then three met’s a day. I went down to two per day, which is what I’m on now (1000mg total), and it has eased off massively. It should get better just with time, but it really hits you hard at first. In terms of food, you’re totally right on the sugar/fat making you feel worse, but I just try and balance everything in moderation and I’m totally fine now. Hopefully you can find what works for you without having to cut out all the fun stuff! And speak tot your doctor if not – don’t suffer in silence! xx

  2. Ugh, that sounds horrible. 😦

  3. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time with the met. I had some side effects if I had a heavy meal, but nothing like what you seem to be experiencing. Such a balancing act! I hope it gets better.

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