april-41…Dr. Lady!!

She did it! I can’t even begin to express how relieved we both are, so I’m not going to bother. It was kind of an amazing day, too, because in this past week she went from feeling completely unprepared to feeling like she was going to own this.

Then yesterday morning she got news that her paper to one of the bigger journals had been accepted, with very minor revisions, which, in the science world, is a Big Thing. And considering that paper was the bulk of her dissertation that she would soon be defending, she could now go into the defense knowing it had been peer-reviewed. No way her committee could even nit-pick her dissertation at that point – all she had to do was survive the presentation and questions.

Which she did! Amazingly well – one of her committee members even emailed her after to express that. I watched the presentation then waited around outside for them to release her, then we waited together for the verdict – it was kind of amazing to be there when they opened the door and greeted her with welcome, doctor ___.

I don’t know if I’ve really talked about some of the struggles she went through to pull this off, since that was mostly her story to tell, but let me say – January, February, and even in March of this year it looked like she would have to defend in the fall. It was dire. It was close. But she decided it was Going to Happen. She worked super hard on this and I really didn’t see much of her these past… four months?

Anyway, I am glad to have her back, and I’m sure she’s glad to be done, and I’m also just super super proud of her. I’ve always known she was smart and competent and maybe having a phd will help her start to believe that, too. 🙂



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9 responses to “Introducing…

  1. So freaking cool! You’ve got a hot doctor wife! 😉

  2. Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment!

  3. oc15

    wow. i love smart women. congrats to lady!

  4. Congrats you your lady! This is totally a big deal and after all that hard work, well deserved. Way to go, Dr. Lady! (has a nice ring to it!)

  5. Congrats Doctor Lady!!!

  6. Congratulations to you both! Beautiful picture, too! Onward to bigger and better things!!!

  7. That is so fantastic! Congratulations to both of you! What an amazing accomplishment!

  8. Congratulations to you both!!

  9. Sounds like not just smart and competent but Super Smart & Super Competent!! CONGRATS.

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