Today’s the Day

Lady’s dissertation defense is at 1pm today. I’m taking off work early to go watch the presentation and be there for when she finds out whether or not she passed. If she does, it’s champagne and celebration and a big giant sigh of relief, followed by a bunch of preparation for graduation – and beyond. If she doesn’t – which is highly unlikely, but there is always that fear – then it’s a big question mark and a possible second attempt in the fall.

Again, it’s very very unlikely she’ll do anything short of amazing, but we’re both prone to catastrophizing and it’s good to know  that the absolute worst that can happen is spending an additional six months here in the desert. Which, considering how this place has grown on us both, isn’t the end of the world.

Aah! I’m almost as nervous as she is. This is the culmination of five years of our lives, five years of hard work for her and five years of me working to support us both. With this in the bag, we can finally focus on where we’re going next and maybe even have some answers as to where we’re going to be living in a year (or less!). She’ll finally make more than me and I can cut my hours back to spend more time writing and eventually – time with our kid.

In just a day I’ll know whether or not I have to start referring to my wife as doctor*. Eeeee.



*Not medical, of course. She’ll have a doctorate in microbiology, so like, a doctor for viruses, but in a sort of evil, madscientist kind of way.



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6 responses to “Today’s the Day

  1. I’m sure she’s going to rock it! Preemptive congrats to her!

  2. I hope you both have a wonderful day! The best advice I received for my master degree was to enjoy it – she’s the expert in the subject matter and it’s an opportunity to talk about what she’s dedicated her life to for a few years. I thought it was crazy advice going into it, but looking back it was so true.

  3. Fingers crossed! Sending so many good thoughts your way! I’m absolutely certain there is champagne in your immediate future!

  4. Eeeee! So exciting! I’ll be sending her well wishes for her defence!

  5. Best of luck to her! Wishing you guys the best!

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