Numbers Redux & Theories

The RE office sent me my numbers in the mail last week, as long as a quick note about what they mean and what I should do. So helpful! It was pretty much a transcript of the call I got, but I wish other doctors would do that. I can hear one thing on the phone and process it completely differently than if I see it in writing, plus then I can doublecheck what they said and often times end up correcting my memory.

I perused the numbers and saw that indeed – as you guys guessed – the hypothyroidism is very mild and actually falls within a “normal” range. But a little bit of googling confirmed that it’s on the low end for fertility and that’s why the RE was concerned. So yay – it’s probably something to keep an eye on in the future, but I won’t need to keep taking thyroid drugs after all this. Which is good, because they’re hella expensive and my insurance inexplicably doesn’t want to cover them.

The other numbers were mostly good, except for the DHEA and testosterone, which were both on the higher end. That explains the confirmation of a mild PCOS diagnosis – well, that coupled with, you know, actual cysts. So my hormones are not wildly out of whack, which would explain why I do sometimes ovulate and have almost normal cycles. And everybody seems to be right that my diet was probably the only thing keeping most of that relatively normal.

So what changed? Why did everything get so whack in the last year? That’s my biggest question right now. I looked back over my journals and blog and slowly realized that everything was A++ perfect during and right after the AIP, but that things quickly went downhill during reintroductions. I tried to pinpoint what could have been the culprit, but honestly – it’s probably the sugar. As I was able to reintroduce more things, I also began eating more processed sugar and refined carbs. Whereas during the AIP, I wasn’t low carb but I also wasn’t eating those refined carbs.

This theory lines up with my history pretty well: my cycles came back when I switched to paleo and did the Whole30. The whole30 necessitates removing any added sugar and that carried over to a much decreased carb load in the weeks/months/years after. I would occasionally indulge with a candy or donut at work, but I was usually pretty good about not scarfing down like, three at a time. And this past summer, right before everything went out of whack again, lines up with a big jump into refined carbs land, what with gluten-free bagels and muffins and cakes on a semi-regular basis.

So it doesn’t look like anything in particular is causing my PCOS to flare – which is in line with the PCOS = insulin resistance. As long as I’m careful, I’m fine, but I’ll always have to be careful. Just to what extent will vary. And I’m still trying to figure out exactly how careful I need to be for our current goals. The doctor says I should be very low carb, but looking back at my history I may just need to be lower carb and avoid refined sugars. But I don’t know! And I don’t really want to mess with that right now, so VLC it is.

Understanding and researching all of this has really helped me come to grips with the last few weeks. I’m really anxious to see if the metformin works. So far, there’s been no change, but it’s only been two weeks and I’ve only just upped the dose to 1000mg (eventual goal is 2000mg).

Actually, there’s been two changes: I get out-of-breath quicker during crossfit and my appetite is diminished. But both of these could be due to the lower carb diet, too, so it’s hard to tell. Any of you have side effects of metformin?



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4 responses to “Numbers Redux & Theories

  1. It’s interesting how you can correlate the changes in your health to your change in diet. I hope you are able to get all your numbers back to where they should be.

  2. The one thing I really noticed early on with metformin was a significant increase in cravings for carbs. It was maddening. I think it was just my body adjusting to slightly lower sugar levels. I’m just glad it didn’t last forever.

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