10 Vials Later and CD3

Things continue to move along on the TTC front. Our donor went in for an analysis last week and I just got back from giving the lab about three liters of blood (or at least, that’s what it felt like). I’m a little woozy still, but food is helping. Still, probably not going to Crossfit today.

When I called the RE to let them know I’d started this weekend, that I had gone in for labs, and that it was time to schedule the HSG, they said they wanted to have a “quick” meeting about our donor’s results to discuss “options.” I tried to get them to tell me any deets they could over the phone, but they weren’t able, so I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I’m assuming they’re not positive results, otherwise the doctor wouldn’t want to meet up with us. I’m also not too concerned – my knee-jerk reaction was to wonder if we’d need to go the anonymous donor route after all, but I took some time to rephrase my reaction. “Options” means there are other things we can do, probably. And I know sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning up diet for men. I’m worried, but… no matter what it is, it won’t stop us. I just need to remember that.

As of yesterday, I am officially low-carbing it. I had a last alcoholic hoorah with friends on Saturday and since then I’ve been eschewing fruits and eating even more vegetables than usual. I’m having a hard time with fats, still, because you can only eat so much avocado and I apparently don’t care for nuts like I used to. I keep thinking how much easier this would be if I could eat eggs, but if wishes were horses… well.

Also, if anyone has any good cover stories for work for all these appointments, I’d love to hear them. My coworkers are super nosy, and although I could just tell them to mind their own business, I’m sure you know how little that helps. So what other horrible thing takes a lot of appointments and bloodwork? The more ludicrous, the better. ❤



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4 responses to “10 Vials Later and CD3

  1. I honestly just scheduled everything I could at 11:30 or 1:30 and just took an early/late lunch randomly.

  2. Yeah, what decaf said. It’s hard. I only started being honest with my boss once we started ivf because there were so many more appointments all the time. You can throw in a few different paramedical things, like massage or acu or allergist without triggering a huge investigation. I’ve also used the bank, accountant, lawyer /notary (ie for your wills), the real estate agent /mortgage broker… Inevitably the pricks who feel like you’re getting to take extra time off relative to them, despite whether you’re making up the missed time, will make a stink. I wish for you that you won’t require many excuses because your issues will be dealt with quickly. Xx

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