Day after Consult Thoughts

I’m still ruminating over what went down yesterday. While it was relatively easy to accept that there are Things Actually Wrong, because that’s both what I wanted and what I felt in my gut was the case, it’s taken a little more time before I’ve been able to step a little further away from my knee-jerk reactions to his dietary recommendations. I know they’re a one-size-fits-all kind of proscription, but I also know I’ve been less than good about my diet lately. Once I knew the March cycle was out, after all, I pretty much went off the rails. Well. Off the rails for me.

So I’ll listen to him and use that as an impetus to reign my diet back in. But I’m not going to obsess over carbs or watch my weight. I hate hate hate tracking calories and macronutrients because I get picky and obsessive and stupid about it. Instead, I’m going to switch things out and be mindful about it. No more sweet potatoes in my breakfast casserole. No more cheating with corn tortillas and rice. No bananas or granola or bits of a coworker’s raisin bread. Certainly no chocolate chips and I can do without apples for a while.

I think his order of no fruit whatsoever is a wee bit extreme, so I’ll avoid strawberries but if I really want them, I’ll have some black or blueberries. Those are mostly fiber anyway.

I’m not going to aim for 100% perfection in this area. I’ll probably slip up and have a banana or eat a serving of sweet potato fries. Whatever. I’d rather that than scarf down half a bag of chocolate chips or way too much nutella – which might have happened a few weeks ago.

And if I start feeling bad or tired, then I’ll bring some carbs back. I get where he’s coming from with this, even if the severity of it (no fruit? avoid carrots?? really???) has me riled up. Show me a study that says low carb is always beneficial and I’ll show you a study with male or post-menopausal subjects. Pre-menopausal ladies almost always fare better with more carbs than men, no matter how active they are.

But. I will try. If I really do have PCOS, then being as low carb as I have been for the last few years might have been all that was keeping it (mostly) in check, as much as I hate that idea. Because before that I was definitely eating mostly carbs (cereal for breakfast, bagel for lunch, pasta for dinner…) and something was very, very wrong.

(Side note: The further and further away I get from those ten years of anovulation the more appalled I am that not a single doctor noticed / said anything. I just. WTF. I don’t think I’ll ever not be angry about that.)

I will also follow his other recommendations, namely keeping up with my vitamin D intake, taking even more folate, getting more vegetables (idk if that’s even possible, honestly), and maybe consider a multivitamin. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I have all that covered through my diet already, but I also don’t want to compromise this.

Fuck, I’ll probably lose 5 pounds just by cutting my carbs down. Damn it. Oh well. I’m not going to try to lose weight, at least.

There is one recommendation I’m not grumpy about: Lady has to change the litter box. I (again) don’t entirely agree with him on this (our cats are indoor cats and don’t get the chance to go outside or interact with other cats, so if I was going to get toxo, I already did), buuuuut…

I think I can endure. 😉




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8 responses to “Day after Consult Thoughts

  1. The way I see it, with everything we have to do to our bodies to get them to cooperate, changing the litter box is the LEAST the lady can do. 😉

  2. B

    The RE wanted my wife to do very low carb as well to treat her PCOS. She gets really sick if she goes low (like Atkins has you do) so she tried to stay around 100 g carbs/day and not only did she lose a little weight, but it helped her PCOS symptoms and subsequently she got pregnant. So, while yes low carb can help with PCOS, going extreme low carb like Atkins is not always the answer (which is what it sounds like your doc is preaching). Take what he said with a grain of salt. You’ll know what makes your body feel good, and you’ll know if you have the right balance without having to count anything. Like you said, its all about making better choices and switching out stuff. I’d never heard not doing the cat box before you’re pregnant. I might steal that from you so I can get out of cat box duty, too. 😉

  3. During my medicated cycles, I’d get much more sensitive to smell during the tww, so I’d end up making my wife take care of the box then. Otherwise I’d just wash my hands after I finished scooping which is what I do normally anyway.

  4. Christabel

    I’ve had cats my whole life, almost exclusively indoor cats, but one that went in and out. I actually paid to have the test for toxoplasmosis. My test came out negative which really surprised me. So don’t take chances with the litterbox because you never know!

  5. L Kara

    Just a little something to think about, cinnamon capsules. They are supposed to help regulate insulin and in turn help PCOS and regulate cycles and all that jazz.

    • I actually started taking cinnamon in my coffee every morning in January for taste but also general health. My mom does the same for her insulin and inflammation. It’s really delicious. I should probably re-check how much I actually take each day, though. Thanks for the reminder!

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