WIP Check-in: Two Days to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 196/209

Shots of whiskey: 2.5



At this rate I might finish by/on Wednesday. Finishing on Wednesday totally counts as getting this done by April, right??


Other things unrelated to said final draft:

RE appointment tomorrow! Will totally update with what they say afterwards. I am both excited and apprehensive. They said a physical would be included as part of the appointment and I have no idea what all that entails in this context. Speculum? Or just weight and height and blood pressure?

Also I’m still worried about them saying anything regarding being overweight, because according to BMI charts I am, but according to any other reasonable measure, I’m clearly not. :/ It doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling puffy lately.




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6 responses to “WIP Check-in: Two Days to Go

  1. BMI isn’t a good measurement of weight issues. Body fat % is much, much, much more useful.
    When I went to an RE we just sat and talked fully clothed at her desk, no height/weight. I have no idea what a physical would entail for an RE appointment.

    • Maybe they only meant a physical in terms of looking at my medical history? …but no, that doesn’t make sense.
      I hope they’re not so lazy as to rely on BMI, but that’s all I’ve ever had any other doctors do in the past. Granted, that’s why I’m going to an RE in the first place: they should know better.

  2. I’m guessing our doctors are probably different. Being overweight and being obese are two different things. I’m not sure what the current consensus is, but I’ve definitely seen studies that don’t show being overweight as a fertility disadvantage, I read one the other day that said that the treatment they were investigating was more effective in patients with a bmi over 25.

  3. B

    Our RE sat down with us and went over my medical history extensively first. Then he asked if we were ready to get started and I had a physical done: height, weight, blood pressure, pelvic exam, and cultures to screen for infectious diseases. Then I was sent for a bunch of blood work and told to call back on CD 1 to schedule my baseline CD 3 ultrasound for our first IUI cycle.

  4. I’m so excited for your RE appointment. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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