WIP Check-In


So close. I wanted to push through and get to 150 so I can shout it triumphantly – err, blog it triumphantly – but alas, pg 149 happens to be a page with some major issues. It needs more time than I could give it last night, and I have promised myself – and the story – that I wouldn’t short change it by rushing through the edits. But wow, did I want to.

Still! That’s 59 pages edited in less than a week and I am pretty much in the last quarter of edits. I want to be done with this so badly, and I can all but taste it, but unfortunately these last 50 odd pages need the most work. My April 1st deadline is looming large, but I have over a week yet and a solid weekend ahead in which to buckle down and get this done and get it done right.

This is a good time for me to obsessively work on this WIP because we’re exactly a week out from our RE consultation and I’m already starting to get nervous. What’s going to happen? What horrible things will the doctor say? How will they imply I have failed as a person and/or am an incompetent moron? That there’s nothing wrong with me and who do I think I am, wasting their time?

Yeah, I need to distract myself from that.

Gonna go back to the zombies and lesbians and endless dune fields now.



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4 responses to “WIP Check-In

  1. This sounds like the perfect distraction from all the worries/fears/anxieties that come along with an RE appointment!! I hope you get all your work done and are able to push the worries aside.

  2. You can make it! šŸ™‚

  3. I was listening to this podcast today and it made me think of you. Maybe it’ll be useful in terms of keeping a healthy mindset about getting published…
    But save it for when you’re not trying to meet a deadline!

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