Writing Check In

Ah, so. Writing retreat turned into more of an “avoid going home in the evenings” thing. It’s all good, though. I still edited – just in the morning and on my lunches, and for one or two evenings. But I also saw a lot of friends, which was good, because seriously living with someone all the time and then them suddenly being gone makes the house so. quiet.

Not good for my mental health. Not in the least.

But I’ve been sticking to the other bits – keeping messes at a minimum and avoiding the time suck that is the internet when I’m not at the day job. And it’s been working: I started at 90/205 and I’m currently at 125/206. It’s not as far as I’d like, but there have been several pages completely rewritten.

And there’s still tonight. Part of the reason I’m checking in now instead of tomorrow – the official end of my little retreat – is to hold myself accountable. I’m going to strive to get to 150 tonight – and preferably beyond.

So raise a glass and send your productive thoughts my way. It’s on.



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2 responses to “Writing Check In

  1. I admire your dedication. I think I’d just watch bad TV if my wife were gone for a week.

  2. Ditto Decaf’s comment. Happy editing!

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