At Home Writing Retreat Redux

Lady is going to be out of town again for the week – another conference full of science, sandwiches, and social awkwardness (inherent when there are so many scientists) – which leaves me home alone after a whirlwind weekend full of good food and gooder friends.

Since I’ve had more than my fair share of Sad these past few months and I know that being alone makes it worse, I am a) hiding the alcohol in the house and b) setting up activities with friends and cats. I’m also planning another at home writing – well, editing – retreat since the last one I did in June went so well. And man, do I need to push if I’m going to get this final draft done by April. I’m on page 85 of 200, which doesn’t sound too bad until I remember I am going to have to completely rewrite the last 30 pages or so. Soooo…

The proper way to do an at home writing retreat is to remove any and all distractions and/or obligations so you can just Be Home and Write. I got most things out of the way this weekend – the floor is vacuumed, food made, the kitchen cleaned up, the bathroom wiped down, the laundry folded and put away, and the fridge sorted and cleaned. A few more things need to be picked up, but the tea is stocked and I have my assignment.

The key is to avoid distractions. I’m easily distracted by the urge to clean and tidy, so with that out of the way the only other distraction is the internet. Last time I tried for no internet at all while I was home and that worked for the first day before quickly falling by the wayside. This time, I’ll allow internet for the last hour before I go to bed, so I can watch any funny cat videos / do pertinent research as needed. I’ll also be using Forest, a focus app that sets a timer and doesn’t let you do anything else on your phone aside from a handful of white-listed apps – like music or background noise generators.

Other necessities for the week: dried mangos, popcorn, and fizzy water. Then, of course, Coffitivity, which is still my favorite white noise app. It’s basically the background noise of several coffee shops and it works amazingly well in helping me focus. I just can’t do silence.

Last, but not least in importance, are some goals. I have 115 pages left to edit and I will be very happy if I can get through the simple edits and start on the more in-depth rewrites by the end of the week. That is both doable and solid progress.

So that’s my week. Another writing retreat, with hopefully something (mostly) done by the end of it. I’ll be bopping in during the days with any interesting updates. Hope you have a good week. ❤



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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about all the progress you make this week 🙂

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