Tiny Victories

I’m just coming out of a cold and had a weekend where I could barely care for myself, let alone do the basic necessities like cooking and cleaning for the week. Lay of top of that the fact that my cycle is still being a weirdo (how about some spotting? would you like some spotting? okay, maybe we’ll just start bleeding instead – how do you like that?) and trying not to get too bummed about this cycle possibly (probably) being bust after all, I need some positive things. Things that I can – and have! – actually achieved.

Like, say, tiny victories.

– Fed cats! More than once, even.

– Went to Crossfit today, even though I was feeling nauseated and tired. I didn’t die!

– Finished the draft one read-through.

– Started final draft edits. 20 pages in!

– I made food! Our fridge is fully stocked for the week.

– I wiped down the counters before we left this morning and the kitchen sink is only half full.

– The floors have been vacuumed which means I can lay on them when I get home.

– I finally finished eating breakfast. It’s totally not 2pm yet.

– I updated my resume and applied for a promotion. *crosses fingers*

– I have only had one coffee today, even though I am exhausted.

– I am at work. I will probably make it through the work day.

– We started spring-ifying our garden this weekend by pulling out half the plants, laying fertilizer, and planting a few things. We still have so. much. kale.

– I’ve done eight days straight of French lessons on Duolingo. Je sais les nombres: un, deux, trois… onze, deuze, treize…

– My coworkers now automatically think of me when they need something heavy moved, a la tables. One even referred to me as “that freakishly strong girl” which is quite possibly the Best. Compliment. Ever.

Oddly, that worked. I feel a little more positive now. Look at all those things I did when I felt like I was barely moving. Now, to convince myself that the spotting is probably normal – or at least there’s no point in freaking out.



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7 responses to “Tiny Victories

  1. Maybe it’s ovulation spotting? I’m glad it sounds like you’re on the mend.

    • I’m trying to be thankful for my health and I’m certainly glad to be more than a puddle of sick on the floor. Idk about the ov spotting – I’ve never had it before, although that means absolutely nothing for me, but it does seem too good to be true. :/

  2. It sounds like you’re way more productive than me on a good day! As for the spotting, sometimes bodies are just weird; I wouldn’t give up all hope just yet πŸ™‚

  3. gina

    I love your positivity! your choice to see the sun wherever it may be hiding at the moment is inspiring ❀

  4. Haha, freakishly strong girl. That IS a compliment! Wish you could send us some of that kale!!

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