TTC Round 2, #3 | DPO 3?!

My temp went up on Wednesday, but I figured it was a fluke because a) that would be CD8 and impossibly early, b) I hadn’t had much in the way of other signs, and c) I was (still am) sick with a cold. Plus I hadn’t slept well that night to boot. So I discarded it.

My temp was still up yesterday, exactly where it should be if I had ov’ed earlier this week. I dismissed it again because, hello, too early and I’m still sick.

But it’s still up today and it’s even done it’s second jump right in line with a typical post-ov pattern and now I’m bummed. If it had remained the same as yesterday I could have ignored it, but I also haven’t had any CM for the last two days and that pattern is just too classic.

I’m still holding out a squidge of hope that I couldn’t possibly have ov’ed that early, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year (year?!) it’s to expect the unexpected. So. There goes our last at-home chance. If my temps are still ov’high on Monday, I’ll set up an appointment with an RE. I guess that means we can get in there a little sooner, at least.

Frankly, I’m more than a little in denial. We didn’t even get to try one last time, and I can’t believe that simple thing was taken from us. Taken by what? By whom? I need someone or something to blame, but there’s no one to shake my fist at but the large and unfathomable – and uncaring – universe.

I can’t even begin to unpack what this means for us, for our finances, for our future just yet. Maybe my temp will go back down tomorrow and I can push that off for another few weeks. In the meantime, I guess it’ll be a change?



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4 responses to “TTC Round 2, #3 | DPO 3?!

  1. I would be really surprised if you actually ovulated on CD7, it’s really not enough time for an egg to mature properly, if you look through FF’s charts, 10 seems to be the earliest anyone ever ovulates. :-/

    I hope the temping is just off you being sick or something. I’d keep doing a daily opk if I were you, ovulation is only truly confirmed if you temp stays up for about 10 days. I’ve had FF change ovulation dates on me before.

  2. I am totally with DeCaf on this one. Even if you DID O on CD 7/8 or thereabouts, your lining wouldn’t have had enough time to get cushy and that egg wouldn’t have had enough time to mature properly. It wouldn’t have been a good cycle to try, anyway. I’m hoping the temps are just a fluke! Maybe you are fighting some mild little something. Definitely do the OPKs. Don’t count yourself out yet!

  3. Being sick can def throw your temps off. Stick with it! It’s probably a fluke.

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