TTC Round 2, #2 | DPO 13 & Last Meme Day

I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before, so


Day 1 – Ten random facts about yourself
Day 2 – Nine things you do every day
Day 3 – Eight things that annoy you
Day 4 – Seven fears/phobias
Day 5 – Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6 – Five things you can’t live without
Day 7 – Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8 – Three words you can’t go a day without
Day 9 – Two things you wish you could do
Day 10 – One person you can trust


Day 10: One Person I Can Trust

1) This isn’t going to come as any surprise, but the one person I know I can always rely on to not only be there, but to tell me the truth, to accept who I am, and to love me is my wife. I am blessed to be able to rely on all of my friends, but my wife has my ultimate trust – which is probably proper.




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One response to “TTC Round 2, #2 | DPO 13 & Last Meme Day

  1. I would’ve been surprised if you had said anyone other than your wife for that. 🙂

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