PMS/Pregnancy Symptom Bingo


Lady and I sat down a few evenings ago, got on the internet, researched both PMS and early pregnancy symptoms, put this together. It was a lot of fun, actually, because although I knew the two would be fairly similar, I didn’t realize they’d be practically identical. The only thing specifically pregnancy-related that we could find – aside from a positive HPT, obviously – was darkening aerolas and fainting.

Which finally explains why the nurses at the hospital I was taken to this one time when I fainted in a public space (see: someone called 911 who didn’t know I was a frequent fainter) were so adamant about asking me if I was pregnant, if there was any possibility that I could be. Everyone asked at least 10 times, then one even pulled me into an empty room and asked me there and they finally let up when I was like no, seriously, I’m a lesbian, I’ve never had man-sex.

I laugh now of course, because I’m still a lesbian and I’ve still never had man-sex, and yet…

Anyway, I believe this exercise was more enlightening for Lady than it was for me. We printed this out and next week we’ll have fun marking it off. Five across = a back rub. Five down = a bath. Five diagonal = a food treat (like strawberries & chocolate). And more than 10 = a FRER. Hopefully I’ll get some treats out of what I won’t be able to keep from doing anyway and we can make light of the second week.

Meanwhile, it’s DPO3 and my head hurts and we don’t have anything but aleve in the house. ;;.;;



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7 responses to “PMS/Pregnancy Symptom Bingo

  1. Good luck! I hope you don’t get too many symptoms until they might mean something. 🙂

  2. This sounds like the most fun ever (and probably a little maddening)!!

  3. 2ladiesmakingbabies


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