TTC Round 2, #2 | CD 13 & Counting Chickens

I know know know I shouldn’t let myself get excited about anything yet, not until I have a confirmed temp rise, but it’s so hard. I’m pretty sure I got a positive OPK yesterday and Sunday – it was suddenly super dark and I’ve yet to get a true positive in the four cycles we’ve been using OPKs, so that’s probably all I’ll get. PLUS super dark coupled with partial ferns and lots of EWCM? Yeah, I’ll take that as a sign.

We’re doing the birdshot approach this time around anyway, so being super close to exact ovulation isn’t as important as when we were snipering. Birdshot being the kind of shell you use in a shotgun to hunt birds – it’s one powerful, concentrated spray of pellets, which I feel is an apt description of our new method. It’s actually a lot less stressful this way – I don’t have to worry about getting the timing exactly right, just within a few days.

The problem is that this is CD13 for me and waaaaaaaaaay early for ovulation – so either: a) this is a fluke month where I’m just ovulating early for funsies, b) that dark OPK wasn’t actually positive, or c) maca powder is magical. I’m leaning towards c because that makes everything nice and neat and predictable and means that we might actually have two tries before our March cut-off.

…see what I mean about counting my chickens? I haven’t even confirmed ovulation and I’m already planning on not only having ovulated early, but doing so again next cycle. Silly! But I can’t help it! This is the stage of the month where I’m actually optimistic!

I guess it’s good I’m just excited about potentially have a normal cycle (or two!!) right now. We insem’ed yesterday and idk, that was a thing that happened. I’m way more excited that I might be about to ov than that it worked. I’m sure that will change in a few days. Nothing is for certain until it actually happens. Isn’t that the nature of the beast?




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12 responses to “TTC Round 2, #2 | CD 13 & Counting Chickens

  1. Hoping those positive OPKs were the real deal for you! I know how exciting that can be. It’s so nice when your body cooperates for a change. Plus, this would make those awful maca truffles worth it!

    • God those maca truffles are naaaasty. Although the latest iteration was actually almost pleasant – perhaps because I really loaded them up with sunflower butter. Whoops.
      Me too! I should know for sure tomorrow (temp was up today, but not firmly above coverline).

  2. AndiePants

    Just enjoy being excited – it’s allowed!!

  3. Ahhh! We’re excited for you. Sending TTC sister positivity and baby dust from Shanghai

    -The Roses

  4. Ahhh! Fingers crossed that it’s a go. We’re rooting for you here across the pond. Send you TTC sister positivity and baby dust from Shanghai!

  5. If I had a known donor I’d totally prefer the scatter shot approach. Much less stress over timing. I hope it works well for you this cycle.

    • I keep trying to do this, but I also struggle with the guilt of inconveniencing our donor too often. Also the ick factor of multiple insems with fresh sperm. Blergh. But I’m getting better at it – of course when I finally commit, I (probably) ov’ed early. Well, looks like there’s next month. 🙂

      • Yeah. That’s one reason I’m kind of happy that we’re doing IUIs with a doctor even though it’s more expensive, no dealing with the smell of sperm. I’m sorry but the smell grosses me out.

  6. Also I meant to include that I once got a positive opk on cd10 one month. We ended up not getting the donor sperm in time for that month. My cycles are kind of variable, I’ve gotten positive OPKs from CD 10 – 20.

    • I remember that! That coupled with the notes I read online about maca causing an early ov convinced me start checking way early this cycle, which is the only way I caught any of this. Normally I would have waited until cd12 or later, because I’ve never ov’ed before cd17/18 before.

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