Laying Down the Rules for the Feb Whole28

I mentioned a few days ago that I intend to follow the Whole30 for the month of February – so more of a Whole28. I have done several Whole30’s in the past and a much longer, and more involved, Autoimmune Protocol last January, so I really know what my problem foods (aka trigger or overeating foods) are as well as foods that are actually problematic for me. My intention for this Whole28 is a reset and a reminder about how much better I feel when I’m eating strict paleo. I have let breads and grains get the best of me in the last few months and I’ve got a little bit of a flaky skin problem going on on my eyebrow that I’m almost 98% certain is due to those breads – be it the gluten or the scant traces of egg. I’ve also been overindulging on alcohol a wee bit much.

That said, my Whole28 will look just a slight bit different than the normal Whole30. I am not eating eggs or nightshades, but I am making two small allowances for the rules because I know that those allowances do not impact my problem areas.

Allowance one is the butter in my morning coffee: it’s grassfed, delicious, and blunts the irritability that caffeine can give me. After reintroducing it on the AIP, I know I am 100% okay with small amounts of butter so, frankly, I don’t see the point of shelling out for ghee. The rest of the dairy family will remain off limits for February.

Allowance two is the sunbutter I’m using to mix my maca powder “truffles.” It has added sugar, which is a no-no on the Whole30. I am allowing this because: a) it’s to make the maca powder more palpable so I will actually eat it and hopefully ovulate this month; b) the sunbutter only makes the maca palpable enough – the “truffles” still aren’t very tasty and I’m at absolutely no risk of scarfing them down; and c) although I have had major sugar demons in the past, I have had a pretty tight hold on them of late and do not crave sugar nearly as intensely as I once did, even a year ago.

That’s it. The only other difference (aside from 28 days in lieu of 30 [but I might do the extra two for funsies when we get there]) would be the no eggs and no nightshades due to personal sensitivities. So if you’re looking for egg- and nightshade-free Whole30 recipes – well, hopefully I’ll get you thoroughly covered.

I couldn’t have timed a better month to try it – February starts on Sunday, which is our major cook-up day. The key to success, as I’ve learned in the past, is to prepare more tasty food than you expect you’ll eat, wash and pre-chop any raw veggies you might eat, and get super excited about things like ground beef with avocado and sweet potatoes (*drool*).

Anyone else doing the Whole30 in February? Or another dietary/lifestyle change?



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4 responses to “Laying Down the Rules for the Feb Whole28

  1. I’m going to try low glycemic, low-ish carbs, but given how I have gf pizza dough in the fridge and corn tortillas, it may not happen very well. There’s a brand of sun butter that doesn’t appear to have added sugar, that being said, it’s kind of inedible.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the sugar in the sunbutter that makes the maca remotely tasty. I thought about trying it with almond butter, but I think I’d still have to add something like honey or maple syrup, which is again more sugar. 🙂
      Could you eat that stuff in the freezer up now or give it to Latte? Either that or gift it to a friend. That’s what I had to do when I did the AIP way back when. Once it’s gone, you don’t think about it again, promise.

      • I’m going to try to just make it now. My wife doesn’t like gluten-free food very much though. She’ll help with the enchiladas I’m planning to make though. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of putting butter in coffee, I am fascinated! I hope your Whole29 (splitting the difference) goes well 🙂

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